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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

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Ciao everyone! It’s Karen! Welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog, Fase Beauty! I hope you enjoy reading!

I am a make up artist, this website used to be my beauty service site and since I am not freelancing anymore, I decided to transform this into a blog in which I can write about various phases of beauty: make up, skin care, food and healthy diet.

Thus, Fase Beauty is born.

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Fase /fà·ṣe/ : sostantivo femminile

Ciascuno dei momenti caratteristici e differenziati di uno svolgimento continuo.

Fase= Phase

DISCLAIMER: These articles are not sponsored. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the products. I am not an expert so always consult your healthcare provider and do your own further research. My aim is to share information, my thoughts and my experience. Each one of us are different, items might work for me but are not for you.

Organic Oats Drink

I reached for this at the supermarket not having a clue hahahha but! Omg guys, I think this drink is really good. And this is different from all of theother drinks I tried. This is more liquidy and not very milky and I like it that way. It is not upsetting to the tummy. I…


This is a new entry in my make up collection and I was excited. You can check out my video on youtube, if you are curious! I just finished my one and only concealer and I was looking for something else just or make a change and to be able to try out other products,…

Natural Soy Drink

I want to share another drink that I found at Todis, a local supermarket. This brand is. not new to me. In fact when I saw it on the shleves, I thought it’s familiar. So I went ahead and bought it out of curiosity. This is a 50g vegetable protein drink with soy as base.…

Strong-hold Hair Spray

To complete this hair care series this month, I want to share with you another hair spray that has been in my hair care items for some time now. Splend’Or is a historic brand of Hair Styling and Care products that has been on the market for more than 50 years. And I am so…

Crunchy Burger

Crockburger is a crunchy vegetable burger which is produced mainly with pumpkin and dried tomatoes until Zerbinati expanded the range with 4 new other variants based on legumes and vegetables. Vegetable burgers and croquettes are dressed in a refined breading with a unique and irresistible taste. Thanks to its crunchiness and distinctive ingredients, the new…

Hair Spray

Another hair product today for you. I have never been big about hair sprays. I used to style my hair a lot, particularly wavy hair and that’s the only time I use them. But lately I am liking this one from Malizia. It does smoothen out baby hairs and surprisingly helps tame my hair especially…

Organic Kamut Wheat Bread

I used to not mind what kind of bread I buy. I would have preferred a fresh one from the bakery but it is not something that can be conserved for a long time. So I always end up purchasing loaf bread from the grocery store. This is the organic Kamut Wheat bread  I just…

Hair Wax

I have always been very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. Like what I said in my last article I don’t like to exaggerate when I know that I don’t need to fix any problem. But I know that when I need to support my hair because of all the treatments then I…

Bio Corn Cakes

Bio Gallette con Legumi 120g OK BIO I have fallen in love with this, guys. I love corn cakes but it is the first time I have come across this with vegetables. I think this is a snack that you can eat without being guilty as this is very nutritious. I prefer this more than…

Keratin Hair Treatment

In this article I will continue with my hair care series this month, and I will share with you a product from Vitalcare. This is a hair care product that I have stopped using since I was in my 20s. I was able to try some brands back then and to be honest I didn’t…


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