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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

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Ciao everyone! It’s Karen! Welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog, Fase Beauty! I hope you enjoy reading!

I am a make up artist, this website used to be my beauty service site and since I am not freelancing anymore, I decided to transform this into a blog in which I can write about various phases of beauty: make up, skin care, food and healthy diet.

Thus, Fase Beauty is born.

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Fase /fà·ṣe/ : sostantivo femminile

Ciascuno dei momenti caratteristici e differenziati di uno svolgimento continuo.

Fase= Phase

DISCLAIMER: These articles are not sponsored. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the products. I am not an expert so always consult your healthcare provider and do your own further research. My aim is to share information, my thoughts and my experience. Each one of us are different, items might work for me but are not for you.

All-in-one Micellar Water

I did feature here in my blog the facial cleanser which is my all time favorite (and I think will always be). I have been using that since I was a teenager. I have tried a lot of variants until I found the lemon one which suits my skin’s needs as I have extremely oily…

Herbal Tea

I think this drink is a good pair for the snacks that I discussed in recent weeks. And yes, this is yet again another drink from the brand that I like, Twinings! I have discovered that they have a line for Well-Being. it is composed of three herbal drink with natural ingredients chosen with care,…

Lipid Replenishing Cream

This is a brand that I have loved during my 20s. I have tried some of their products especially the oily skin acne-prone line as I have suffered with acne.Fast forward to my 30s now I have this nostalgic memory as I have seen Eau Thermale Avène recently on social media lol! I am not…

Rice Cakes

This is another gluten-free product which has always been a preference for me as a snack. Not necessarily gluten-free but because I love the crunchy simple snack plus the dark chocolate too! And I did mention how all the gluten-free snacks I have tried are yummy! Although there are a lot of variants and flavors…

Face Sunscreen

I have loved another Spf from the same brand that I already featured here in my blog. And when I saw this, I got too excited and wanted to try it. I am guilty of not using SPF all over my body during the cold season that is why I opted a face sunscreen instead…

Brown Rice Chips

Rice Up gluten free rice chips Barbecue 60g I had a difficult time researching this guys, believe it or not. Because the website is all written in german LOL! I needed to choose the translation but it is not automatic in some pages. I am just gonna mention the more important description about the product…

Make Up Removing Wipes

This is another skincare item that I am currently using now. I just began last month when I have finally finished my miscelar water. I have sensitive skin that is why I chose this variant. It becomes irritated easily so I make sure to always choose products for sensitive skin. These are biodegradable wipes with…

Vanilla Doughnuts

This is not the typical healthy snack that I feature here in my blog. But I want to share this with you not only because this is so delicious but also for all of you out there looking for a gluten free snack!These vanilla doughnuts are made in heaven. These are baked and not fried,…

Dark Chocolate Protein Snack

This is a snack that I want to feature here on my blog. It belongs to the same brand that I discussed in my article last week. If you like some healthy snack with dark chocolate flavor this is the one for you! You all know how I love dark chocolate that is why when…

Irridiscent nail polish

In this article I am bringing you another nail polish which I like a lot.Honestly, when I first got this I didn’t realize that the color is somewhat different from how it looks like in the bottle. And I grew to like it more and more as I continue to use it. I have loved…


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