Cushion foundation

I have a very oily skin and also problematic. I have all sorts of skin issues.

Complexion products are one of the most challenging for me because it’s very hard to find one that works on my skin type.

Cushion foundation is one that I tend to avoid. I’ve always thought the formula is one that works well with normal, dry and mature skin. And this one validates my thoughts.

This is Moschino x Tony Moly Chic Skin Cushion spf 50+ in 02 Chic beige gold edition.

Moschino x Tony Moly Chic Skin Cushion spf 50+ in 02 Chic Beige Gold Edition 15g

It is actually a korean brand targeting the korean market with their need for a fair complexion product that is not full coverage and could easily be used alone.

I’ve read through various websites that koreans tend to be minimal with their make up. They tend to be more thorough when it comes to their skin care routine but with make up they tend to stay natural as possible.

I mean, most of them have really good skin and they don’t need a lot of make up for that. Some don’t even have pores and it’s incredible.

Anyway, this is obviously not for me like what I said. I tried it once when I first bought it. I even did a first impression review in my youtube channel and then I didn’t touch it anymore…

..until recently. I felt I needed to purge on my make up items. I didn’t want them all to go bad. And this particular cushion foundation is in the “getting old” pile.

So I decided to just go on and use it.

Moschino x Tony Moly Chic Skin Cushion
I am finally done with the first one I am on my second one, I am trying to knock out the refill that came with it.
Moschino x Tony Moly Chic skin cushion refill
Moschino Chic Cushion
Moschino x Tony Moly
Moschino x Tony Moly Chic cushion

What I decided to do is to use it as a face primer.

Apart from the fair shade, which is not the right one cause I have a medium skin tone, it actually kind of gives a beautiful finish. I apply it in my cheek area where I have visible large pores.

And then I will put on any foundation on top.

Overall, I can finally say that it worked out finally. And I didn’t even think I would enjoy using it!



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