L’Angelica Tisana A Fredda

This is the last tisana bag that I drank yesterday. So I want to share it with you.

Tisana means herbal tea in english. It is any liquid infusion made as a result of herbs being mixed in water.

I’ve talked about drinking tea in one of my articles. I drink tea especially in the morning during breakfast. This Tisana is particular though, because it is adviced to drink it with cold water.

It is actually a “Tisana a Fredda”, it means, hot water is not necessary, it is better to drink it using cold water. The flavor is really light. It is made up of grapefruit, fenel and mint. Despite the mint, the drink is not that strong and it gives a refreshing flavor to it.

Energy 0,55 kcal Fats 0 Carbohydrates 0,14g sugar 0,01g Fibers 0g Protein 0g

This is a product made in Italy from Istituto Erboristico L’Angelica which has been producing herbal tea for 40 years.

L’Angelica L’Istituto Erboristico Tisana A Freddo Ventre Piatto

I drank this a couple of times in cold water after my work out routine. And it is really great. I like it a lot. I recommend you drop in some ice or prepare it in advance, put the glass or the bottle in the fridge so it’s gonna be ready when it’s time to drink it.

Just leave the bag for 7 mins in 200 ml cold water or just room temperature. If you have 500ml glass or bottle you can use 2 bags instead. It is actually adviced to drink at least 2 filters maximum a day.

Drinking it during breakfast is not that bad at all. I know it is a “Tisana a fredda” but I drank it hot as well.

This claims to contrast swollen belly, stomach ache and excess gas. Being a cold tisana it is perfect to drink during summer. It is gluten free, lactose free, and it is both vegan and vegetarian.

Tisana a freddo

By the way, I didn’t buy this. My dad brought this from work.

If you come across this herbal tea I recommend you try it. It is healthy and refreshing!


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