Cranberry Juice

This is also a new found healthy drink.

100% cranberry juice
Natura in Festa Cranberry Juice

I originally purchased this essentially because of Vitamin B12. This particular brand Natura in Festa has 100% Cranberry. This is a drink I found at a grocery store called Todis. And it is such a surprise, I actually like it!

I had my tests last year and the results were clear. I needed more iron and folic acid. So I decided to be more careful about my health. And so I tried to increase my Vitamin B12 intake.

Sardines, Salmon, Eggs, Cheese, Mozarella are some of the sources of Vitamin B12. But taking supplements is also a plus.

cranberry juice
330 ml

It is adviced to take at least 100ml a day equivalent to half a glass preferably after a meal.

vitamin B12
Nutritional value

Cranberry juice is good for bodily liquid functions, such as urinary tract functioning. It reduces tiredness, fatigue and increases proper functioning of immune system and nervous system.

But we have to remember, taking this kind of supplement and drink should be paired with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.



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