Blush Bronzer and Highlight

We are on the next article on this make up series in which I am sharing with you all the make up items that I own. This time we are gonna talk about the other complexion products.

Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter
other complexion products

I’m gonna start with the powder formula. I only have 3.

Blushes And Bronzers MAC Nars Kevin Aucoin

This palette is from MAC Cosmetics Pro that I created for my make up kit. I pulled it back out when I stopped freelancing.

I wanted to use them for myself and I didn’t want them to go to waste. And now they have been constant in my make up basket this year.

I chose the following blushes:

  • Melba
  • Desert rose

And bronzers:

  • Sculpt
  • Shadowy

I have an opinion about these products. Iam not really sure if I like them or not. I used to love them when I used to apply them on other people’s faces. And this is a dry formula too. A good valid brush should be used in order to be able to pick up the product.

When i started using it for myself, sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t. And you already know how my skin is, very oily, and so I really want a product that lasts and can combat this. Maybe because the product is old that the performance is not there anymore? I’m not sure. But I just don’t want this to go to waste, so I am trying my best to use them up.

MAC Cosmetics Pro Palette

Another blush duo that I own is from Nars.

NARS Bronzer and Blush Duo Orgasm and Laguna

This is orgasm and laguna, bith are the best selling shades from the brand.

Mind you, this is soooo tiny Lol because this is a mini.

I am not really into blushes and bronzers so I tried panning everything that I owned in the past. And just settled with this little one.

This is the only personal blush and bronzer that I had when the Mac palette was still in my kit.

These two powders are legit long-wearing and I am actually surprised. There was once a huge hype on the Orgasm blush and I found out why. I would have preferred it to be matte because of my oily skin but the tiniest flecks of gold is noticeable when put under the lights. It is definitely bearable and I don’t mind.

Kevin Aucoin contour powder

This isthe KevinAucoin the sculpting powder in Medium

I have been eyeing this product ever since. I know that Kevin Aucoin is one of the most respected makeup artists of all time. I have been dying to try out his products and unfortunately they are soooo expensive.

I finally got this back on sale and I am really happy that I did. This is the ONLY perfect contour powder for me.

The packaging is sleek and elegant like all of the high end brands. It also includes a little velvet pouch and it is really cute.

highlighters MAC L'oreal Paris

I own 3 highlighters as of this year.

This is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. One of their best selling products of all time. This is definitely a classic!

I grabbed this product initially for my kit. It is so universal that it can go with every skin tone.

And now I pulled it back out to use for myself. To be honest with you, this is not the highlighter that I opt for. It is too glittery for me. I have skin issues and that’s why I can’t use this. But I only apply little product and eversince, this is the only one that I own and use more often.

The other cream highlighter is also fromMac. MAC Strobe cream. I got this as a free item when I started buying make up items from Mac. This is tiny, but up until now I still am trying to finish this up.

I used it a lot when it was in my kit. But it doesn’t seem to go. A little product goes a long way. I don’t want this to go old because it is actually a good cream highlighter although personally I prefer powder products because of my oily skin.

Lastly, I want to share with you the new comer out of the three. This is quite new.

My dad gave this to me only last year. I haven’t truly used it yet and I am planning to do a first impression review on a youtube video. The packaging is nice though. And the bottle is quite filled up. This could last a lifetime LOL

These are the only ones that I have. I am really satisfied with my progress.

I can live without these items. I truly want to keep products that I need but at the same time having some can always go handy. For me,

A little goes a long way…

See you on my next article. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ciao for now



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