Eye primers

Through the years I have always been so careful about eyeprimers. I only own one at a time. Because I always thought this is one of the make up items that is hardest to finish up.

I only got a few when I was at the make up school and when I was freelancing.

As of this year 2021 I currently own these two:

Eyeshadow primers
Eyeshadow primers

The only eyeshadow primer that I currently use everyday.

To be honest this is not the best eye primer I’ve ever tried. I haven’t been able to test out lots of brands but so far this is in the middle. Not the worst! I mean, the eyeshadows look vibrant and relly nice even with the eyeshadows that has a crappy formula lol. But not the long lasting formula that I would like.

Urban decay primer potion original

This goes a long way. It is still pretty much full and I have this for more than a year now.

But there was a time back last year when I stopped applying make up. And I am just relieved that this is still intact and didn’t go bad at all.

NYX Glitter Primer

This is a glitter primer from Nyx. The only glitter primer I have tried and this was living in my kit back then. This is why it is pretty much still full.

Personally, I am not a lover of glitters so I couldn’t use it for myself. I think I will just keep it until it goes bad. Anyway I am not in a hurry because it is the only one that I have. Just in case I’ll need it.

What are some of the best eye primers you’ve ever tried? Maybe after I finish the UD Primer Potion I would get to try another one fromanother brand. Thank you in advance to your suggestions!



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