Head&Shoulders 2in1

I have been very loyal to my previous shampoo and conditioner. It has been my go to hair care products for a very long time since I was a kid. Can you imagine?

The fact that I have always been a long-haired girl, I have worn long hair more than short in my lifetime, I always try to take care of my hair.

And through the years as I grew up and mature and hadmy own money for treatments and allthat, I started experimenting with various hairstyles and haircut.

Year 2019 was I think the last year I said goodbye to my favourite hair products. I don’t know if it’s because I am ageing (Laugh out loud) and there’s nothing wrong with that I truly embrace it I mean, the needs of my hair is changing through time obviously. As they say.. nothing is constant in this world. I felt like I need to change because those products doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I have tried other brands until I decided to try this one out last year 2020.

And I really thought that the hair products are the ones making my hair all dry and brittle. But no, it was the pandemic that stressed me out.

I know I am not alone in this.

I had a pretty rocky relationship with this one because I haven’t figure it out back then that it was stress not the product change.

This year 2021 I came back to it and I now believe that it is the one that suits me well.

Head&Shoulders 2in1 Classic Clean
Head & Shoulders Antiforfora Shampoo + Balsamo 2in1 Classic Clean

I know what you are thinking. I have dandruff lol.

I thought so too in the past. This brand is associated with dandruff issues thus it is born because of targeting that part of the market and I have always thought that anyone who uses this brand has dandruff issues.

But no I don’t have it. I don’t really have any hair and scalp problems at all. Although I do admit that in recent years, my hair has become oilier than it was before when I was younger. Thus, I say that maybe my hair needs have changed and that’s the reason why I left my old hair care brand.

I originally wanted to try the classic clean shampoo and classic clean conditioner. But the store where I go to Tigota doesn’t offer it. But they carry the 2in1 line so I decided to just go for it.

Head&Shoulders 2in1 Shampoo e Balsamo Classic Clean
225 ml bottle

Derma&PureAction is the main formula which fights against the cause of dandruff and it claims to have 72 hour protection from dandruff, itchiness and dryness. It also has antioxidants and leaves the hair clean, fresh and hydrated.

I really like that it has a conditioner already present in the formula but I am certainly open to try the separate conditioner if ever Iwill find it in the shelves.

Because of the minty flavour, it is really refreshing to use during showers.

So far, I am gonna be buying this again. I really do think it does suit my hair very well.



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