La Roche-Posay Lipikar gel

I’m gonna move on and talk about another line that I’ve tried from La Roche-Posay. Presenting: Lipikar!!!

This is the line that caters to sensitive skin, super dry skin and atopic skin too.

I chose this out of all the bath products mainly because it can be used for both face and body and I love that I don’t have to use multiple products inside the shower.

La roche-posay lipikar gel

The skin is nourished by niacinamide which is the main ingredient of this product. This provides relief to the itchiness and dryness caused by atopic skin type.

While Karite butter is a source of hydration. It helps restore skin hydrolipids and helps repair skin damage. Thus the name LipiKar3 the name of the line itself has both the words: Lipids and Karitè butter.

I am much aware that gel tends to be more delicate so I am really glad about it because it soothes the skin so much. This is why it is safe for use to both children and adults.

I had this in my shower for more than a year so for the price and the amount of money you pay I think it’s just fair.

The thing that kind of turned me off is that my face didn’t like it and I had some itchiness after every wash. So after a while I stopped using it for the face. I was heartbroken that it gave me that result. As for the body, it is just meh-

This is a product that doesn’t really give me a positive result. So I cannot really say it is great maybe it is but it is definitely not for me because of the needs of my skin.

I don’t really have dry skin so maybe that is why it is not fit for me.



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