La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm

LIPIKAR Baume AP+M is formulated to balance the skin microbiota. This is essential because this will result in a long-term soothing effect for atopic eczema-prone skin types. And we already discussed eveything in my last article about the Lipikar line, these are the main ingredients:

  • NIACINAMIDE This is commonly known as Vitamin B3 which strengthens skin barrier functions, soothes skin redness and helps reduce pores and brown spots
  • KARITÉ BUTTER resets the skin’s hydrolipids
  • AP+M [AQUA POSAE + MICRORESYL] TECHNOLOGY an active ingredient that balances the skin’s microbiota. Microbiota is the invisible ecosystemof microorganisms residing on the skin which protects the skin from germs and bacteria

In summary, Lipikar balm soothes itchiness and it reduces the reappearnce of skin redness. Skin redness is often times caused by dry skin so this balm nourishes the skin and resets skin barrier.

It is safe to use for infant, children and adults with extreme skin dryness and atopic tendencies as well as allergic skin. Absolutely a family- friendly product!

I love that this can be applied for both face and body at least once a week.
It’s the same as Lipikar gel that is why I wanted to try it in the first place. It is not always possible to have the same product for both face and body so when I do find them I am really curious to try it.

The balm has a really nice texture, not sticky at all. The skin absorbs it immediately. And I am quite surprised to tell you honestly because I know that most dry skin products are so intense and very heavy most of the time. Having an oily skin, I really cannot use those products. And now, I only use this everyday! It is incredible because I have talked to you how I love Hydreane Legere. Now I guess there is competition LOL

Plus, like all of La Roche Posay products it contains thermale water that I really love.

 I found this 200 ml tube, which they claim to be a new packaging respecting the planet by reducing the amount of plastic we produce. I’d be honest, I am all for respecting the planet and to create packaging that won’t harm the environment but this is just uncomfy to use. I had to cut the tube to scrape the product. But anyway, I am not really big on packaging more often than not I don’t mind, as long as the product is great. But let’s be real, we pay the price and the cost of the packaging is included too. Of course, we pay for it too. But yeah well, no big deal!

So now I am currently using this 400ml bottle which by the way is also 10% recycled plastic.

My conclusion:
I L.O.V.E. this! I don’t have eczema, or atopic skin type but I do have sensitive skin and this is as gentle as the other products I have tried from La Roche Posay. I am satisfied and to this day, I still use it, this kinda replace my Hydreane Legere. This is such a treasure you guys, and they have tons of product in the tube and the bottle so even though it has a farmacia price, it’s totally worth the money!!! Try it, you won’t regret!

Hey guys! if you’ve reached the end of this article, THANK YOU! And I’d like to tell you that this wraps up my La Roche-Posay Skin care products series. I hope you enjoyed this and kind of help you in deciding whether you are curious or if you are kind of checkin out the brand. Let me know what you think if you’ve ever tried anything from the brand, let’s all share our thoughts! =)



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