Eyeliner and eye pencils

I have never been a fan of eye pencils and eyeliners. I have the typical small asian eyes and I always think that these make up items will only make them appear smaller.

There was a point back then when I was a teenager and during my 20’s that I have worn eyeliners despite my small eyes. And when I started to go to make up school I learned the various tips and tricks on how to apply eyeliner on different eye shapes. Despite the learning, I just can’t seem to reach for eyeliners and eye pencils. Maybe it’s habit. Maybe I am not that great with it I do admit that.

eye pencils and eyeliner

These are the ones that I currently own as of 2021. I am thinking about doing a massive declutter at the end of the year and maybe a lot of these items has to go. Most of these are getting old and I tried my best to use them as often as I could this year, each month I tried to include them in my make up baskets.

I only have one eyeliner and this is pretty new. I just purchased it a few months ago because I had nostalgia on eyeliners Lol. As a product though this is not new to me, I actually had this same product years ago, not black but dark brown shade. And I really like it, I had a nice experience with it that’s why I knew that if there is one eyeliner that I would repurchase, this is it.

I promise you, THIS IS WATERPROOF! They are not joking lol. This is such a pain in the *** to remove, promise. But this stays on the eyes in like forever. You have to have an oil make up remover to be able to remove this.

Now let’s discuss the eyepencils that I still keep…

These are the oldest eye pencils that I own. And I’d probably be saying goodbye to these soon. These are from MAC Cosmetics.

I have two kinds: eye khol and powerpoint eye pencil I have two shades of each:

  • Smolder Eye Khol
  • Teddy Eye Khol
  • Forever green powerpoint eye pencil
  • Engraved eye pencil

These were living in my kit back then when I was freelancing. And actually the main reason why I purchased them is for make up artistry. I don’t really even mind having MAC as my personal make up item. And these are not cheap.

Maybe because they are old that they are not the same as they were before. Not as long lasting as they were like when they were new. So I really have to think this over. I don’t want to keep stuff I am not gonna use anymore.

A couple of items that’s as quite as old as the MAC pencils. These are from Sephora:

  • Infinite beige
  • pure white

Same as MAC, maybe they are old already so they are not as vibrant. In fact I didn’t even swatch them because the shades are fading. They were also in my kit. I pulled them out when I stopped freelancing and used them for myself because these are the colors that fit my eyeshape actually. Light colors will actually make small eyes appear larger.

I used to apply this a lot that is why you can see a visible change on the white pencil it is smaller than the beige shade. But now, I don’t to that anymore. When I’m busy I really cannot do all the steps in putting makeup. I’d rather apply a little bit of eyeshadow rather than eyepencils

Another old pencil is from Bella Oggi Italia. This is made in Italy. I actually didn’t buy this. It’s my dad who gave it to me. And I’m glad he did, because the shade is so beautiful! But unfortunately the formula is not really long-lasting. And I tried my best to use it anyway. So I guess just like MAC and Sephora pencils, I will say goodbye to this soon.

This is not quite that old. I was just stupid LOL. because I bought it and didn’t touch it for awhile. Hahaha. I was so caught up in trying to use up the old pencils, that’s why. I don’t mind keeping this still.

Again, Marc Jacobs is not cheap, I had to pick this up at a discount. I like the shade so I am looking forward to using this. It is not as harsh as the black ones.

These are the newest in my collection. Again, my dad gave these to me. I still have to try them. This is a brand called Love’s nature. I never ever heard of this brand. This is also a local brand, made in Italy. I have a couple of shades: white and brown.

I will still keep these.



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