Nivea spf

Now in this article I am gonna share with you my other current skin care favourite! Guys, I really can’t believe I haven’t found this earlier!!!

I mean, I am in Rome, I am in Italy it is right there under my nose, it is everywhere.. Maybe that is the reason why..being so common, I haven’t had that curiosity to try it. And I do have a hate relationship with Nivea’s products. Almost anything I have ever tried my skin hates so I just stopped trying them out.

Until finally I came to realize I needed to take good care of my skin. And I am now gonna protect my skin using spf. Even during other seasons. Not just during summer.

And this is the best spf I have ever tried. You know when you find the one? Lol yes, Nivea sun is the one. My skin loves it too. I think this is the spf that never broke me out. And I already said this in my other articles, I have sensitive skin so I am really glad that finally, I found something that my face is not having issues.

This is really affordable, guys. And I can honestly say that this is good even for my oily acne-prone skin. And I can’t say that with most of the nivea products I have tried.

If you come across this product, just try it. You will like it!



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