Romeow Cat Bistrot

My blog is a variety of topics about beauty, I focus more on make up, skin care, health and all of the other beauty stuff such as hair care, perfume and toilettries etc.

This is not the usual topic that I would discuss in an article but I just want to share this experience with you. I think I can classify this under health and diet. And you know how I love food. I have discussed various health and food-related topics in my other articles, too.

Romeow Cat Bistrot


Whoever thought of this name is genius. I really like it, it is catchy and cute. It is a combination of the name of city Rome and meow for the cats. This is a vegan bistrot/restaurant that I found.. guess where? Instagram!

I am really impressed how their page is presented. And I immediately talked about it with my vegetarian friend who said yes, we will go and try it!

I had an amazing lunch!

Romeow Cat Bistrot offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian food items. I like their philosophy and for what they stand for. The love for animals also continues to having a certain lifestyle and maybe consume plant-based food items only. And this is how the restaurant is born.

They cater to a market who loves animals, vegan and vegetarian.

I know I can never be one, I know that. I have always been transparent in all of my articles and the food items that I discuss here in my blog. And yes, if I can choose, I will always go for veggies than meat. And I am also aware of my weakness. I know I can still not resist eating other food items other than veggies.

Anyway, it has been an amazing experience, meeting the kitties and of course, the food.

I loved all that we have ordered, no exception. Even my friend who is vegetarian is surprised. He said everything is delicious and worth every penny.

This is offered by the restaurant while we were waiting for our orders. I am not exactly sure what’s inside but it’s really good. It is a nice start.

We ordered this dish for an appetizer. It looks like a small plate but it’s enough for both of us and we shared it.

appetizer: Homemade Seiten

Main dish

My friend ordered spaghetti while I chose rice. Both are perfectly delicious..


the desserts are practically fantastic! yum! The perfect finale, I would say!

I just want to give 5 stars to this Bistrot because I think they made everything good. These are all perfect and can be appreciated even for people who are not vegan but just looking for good healthy food.

If you come here in Rome, you love kitties and you are a vegetable lover, please please, I highly recommend this Restaurant! They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can choose. But make sure to book a table by calling because they are always full! It goes to show how it is a good place!

Just out of curiosity, I can also share with you this little vlog my channel! Thank you and see you on my next article! Ciao!

enjoy this little vlog! P.S. I am not a good vlogger so be kind LOL!


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