October & November make up basket

Another month has passed! October is done!! Yey!!!

This is the result of the Deborah Milano Kit. I must say this. I feel the same way with the other eyeshadows which belongs to a huge make up kit that I decluttered last september. And I will do the same with this kit.

I didn’t even touch the lip products at the bottom. I’m not into that so I focused more on these. The two colours are for the cheeks that is kinda clear but I only used them as an eyeshadow.

My problem is that they don’t last long. My eyelids are so oily despite the eye primer. The mats are quite nice, blendable but not long lasting. And the shimmers are nah…

I’ve already mentioned this back in my other article! I am finally done!!! Yey!!


This is the result of the lip products that I chose for October.

I have been very hard on the Maybelline New York white lipstick. So the change is considerable I guess. I’m still gonna carry it on November.

While the red lipstick from Bella Oggi Italia hmm.. I’m not a red lipstick girl so it’s been difficult I just dab a little bit on my lips and then I’m done.

Same with the lipgloss. Not really fond of lipglosses but I do enjoy this a lot. I like it cause it gives a bit more hydration on the lips rather than sticky. I don’t mind keepingit still.

These are the make up items for November!!

Wish me goodluck!!

I have these remaining eyeshadows from LoRac Pro that I still didn’t hit pan on. The others I have decluttered already.

The mini round eyeshadows are from Deborah milano kit. I’m gonna try to use them though I dont like them that much.

I have one shadow remaining from the Kat von D Holographic palette. It’spretty and my aim is to just at least hit pan on it.

The two huge shadows are singles from Wycon Cosmetics. Not autumn colors but I’m gonna try to use them

I chose this foundation stick from Lancome. This is just so dark. I’m gonna try to apply this as cream bronzer.

Finally the lip products that I chose are

  • Maybelline matte lip in wickedly white
  • Mac lipstick in tropic tonic
  • Flormar supershinelipgloss


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