Facial cleanser

I have finally finished the La Roche-Posay skin care series and I am gonna move on to my other skin care favourites that I want to share with you.

In this article I am gonna talk about Eskinol Facial Cleanser.

Eskinol facial deep cleanser Lemon

This has been my go-to cleanser of all time! Like literally of all time… ever since I was a teenager. I am now in my 30s!

I already mentioned in one of my articles that I tend to be loyal with my products if I know that they work for me.

And this does until this day.

Eskinol is a brand under Unilever, made in the Philippines and they create a lot of skin care items not only facial cleansers. And they have been in the business for years and years already.


They started with the Eskinol facial cleanser Classic and now they have other variants.

Back in the day I used the Classic, the original version. Until they came out with variants that cater to each skin type, I started to try the new ones. Some I did like and have repurchased through the years while some, my skin didn’t like. And now I stopped trying because as of now, Eskinol Lemon works for me. You all know that I have oily skin and this is the variant that targets that skin type. It claims to be anti-bacterial, controls oil for up to 8hours and removes excess oil. And yes, it does for me.

Eskinol facial deep cleanser
225 ml bottle

The way to use it is to wet the cotton and apply it on the face. And I really do feel an added cleanse to my face after washing.

It’s really hard to immagine my skin care regimen without this. After I wash my face with water and face detergent, this is a must for me.

To tell you honestly, I have also tried other western facial cleansers from brands, famous brands, mind you, from the drugstore, retail and farmacia here in Rome, but nah. Nothing really worked for me.

I believe that asians have different skin needs and I think it has to do with the environment as well. Surprisingly, my skin was able to adapt with Eskinol even now that I live in a country with 4 seasons. In the Philippines it is all so different because the climate is tropical. And I have tried products while I was in the Philippines that worked for me and when I brought them here in Europe, they suddenly stopped working. There are other factors that contribute to the skin as well, that I am aware of. Like food, sleep, lifestyle etc. It is amazing how my skin really likes Eskinol facial cleanser and despite of all the changes that I went through in my life, it stood out of all my skin care items.

It is quite difficult to find Eskinol here in Rome. Not all Asian stores sell this brand but as long as I can I always try to search for it. There was a point in the past that I did order from Amazon and Ebay, double the price my gosh! and I didn’t care. I’m like.. I need it. My skin needs it.

And I also want to point out that this is a really gentle skin care product. During my 20s I underwent derm sessions for acne. I had really bad acne guys! Maybe I will talk about it in the future if I’ll have the chance. It was such a long journey for healing. And for quite some time my aesthetician prescribed me other skin care products while I was under medication and face cleaning sessions. So I had to let go of Eskinol. After I was done with the sessions and all. Finally I have very few acne and I was quite healed, my medication was done, I went back to Eskinol facial cleanser and it’s still my skin’s fave. I am happy with that. I didn’t need to bother looking after a new face product.

Overall, if you are asian, maybe a filipina to be exact, if you come across this product I do recommend it. It is worth a try. And yes we are all different, we have different skin types and skin needs but trying won’t hurt. And like what I said there are different reasons why and how our skins react.

For me, it’s the “holy grail”.



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