Almond spread

I want to go back discussing food this month. I have a ton that I want to share with you.

In my last article, I shared with you my experience eating at a Vegan Bistrot. It was great. The food is super good. And I’ve said this already, I am not at all Vegan, but I don’t mind eating vegetables and plants. If I had to choose, I would go for veggies than meat.

I believe that Vegans love this! This is not only yummy but healthy as well!

Almond cream
Almond cream Spread

This is a spread that came all the way from Calabria, south of Italy. I’ve been there, and it is such a beautiful place. There are lots of beaches and islands that are incredible in the south so I highly recommend you visit that part especially during the summer if you ever visit Italy, it’s gonna be a whole another experience that you should try and it shall be memorable.

I have a friend, actually my bestfried, whose origins are from Calabria. He is calabrese, yes, but he lives and works here in Rome. He goes there in his province every vacation and he always brought me lots of Calabrese local products. I am so grateful.

And this is one of them. The brand is Amandula, and this is a creamy almond spread that you can eat with bread. So yummmy!

Forget peanut butter and nutella for the mean time and try this one out!

nutritional value
Almond cream spread

This is the list of the nutritional value for each 100g of product:

  • Energy value 593kcal
  • Fats 40g
  • Carbohydrates 443g
  • Sugar 40g
  • Fibres 3,5g
  • Proteine 10,6g
  • Salt 0,13g
Almond cream spread

The ingredients are simple:

  • almond
  • sugar
  • sunflower oil
  • powdered milk
  • soy
  • traces of pistachio, hazelnut and peanuts

As you can see, it is all gone now LOL. it’s white and creamy, almost the likes of nutella and peanut butter. It is really delicious and can be of the same level as the ones mentioned.

the now empty jar LOL

Almond is a dry fruit which has lots of health benefits:

  • It contains good fats and it’s anti-cholesterol. It is good for the arteries and the heart because it lowers cholesterol.
  • It’s also rich in natural antioxidants.
  • Iron is also one that Almond boasts so this is good to fight Anemia.
  • Not only that, it contributes to bone health because it is rich in calcium.

And if you are vegan, you already know that almond milk is a good source of calcium. Not only milk, but the oil derived from almond is a well-known natural emollient for skin and hair. Almond flour is also good for making pastries and cakes; here in Italy, they use almonds to make marzapane, too. (Marzipan is useful for decorating cakes and sweets).

If you ever find yourself snacking on junk food, try eating almonds as snack!

And don’t forget to try this lovely creamy almond spread!



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