Lash and Brow Mascaras

These are the only lash and brow products that I own as of 2021

Lash and brow mascara
Wet n wild
Loreal paris
My lash and brow products

It is amazing to me how I was able to minimize these.

Although I must admit that I don’t hoard mascaras at all. Ever since, I always try to keep only one, the one that I use and maybe a back up. Although in the past, I always tend to buy one once the other one is done. I keep them maximum three months and then I change, especially when they start to dry up.

So now I only have two.

Wet n Wild XXL Lash

Wet n wild xxl lash mascara

I am not impressed with this mascara. I have tried others better than this. The formula is so dry that I even thought the tube was empty when I first opened the plastic. LoL

Wet n wild xxl lash mascara wand

The wand isn’t something that would curl, give volume or length. It is a typical mascara wand. The name XXL suggests volume, I guess. But I didn’t notice that my lashes are extra extra large when I apply this hahahahaah

This is drugstore and honestly, I didn’t buy it. My dad gave it to me. I’m still grateful I am able to try it just to see.

Nars Climax

This is a back up. I haven’t opened it yet. It’s just a mini

This is a part of a set of minis from Nars. And I haven’t opened this yet. It is gonna be a back up.

Another product from Wet n Wild is the Megaclear Mascara for both lashes and brows.

Wet n wild
Megaclear mascara

Again, this is a back up. I tried to use it in one of my videos and from then I haven’t use it since.

I have bought this in the past. And I like that I can use it both for lashes and brows.

Finally, the one that I am curretly using now for the brows is from L’oreal Paris. This is my second purchase. this is not new to me. And I like it a lot. This is called Plump & Set Brow Artist in 108 Dark Brunette.

Loreal paris plump & set brow artist
Brow gel

I think this is a valid product for the price that you pay. The wand is perfect for the brows. You don’t even need an eyebrow pencil. If you are on the go, you can apply thisvery easily and you’ll have your brows.

Out of all the brow products I’ve tried this is the best. And that explains why I have repurchased this because I know I can’t go wrong.



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