Elizabeth Arden 8 hours

I’ve been meaning to discuss this even in my videos but I waited until I finish the product.

And now this is all done!! Yey!! Finally!

I can finally say my impression about this product.

Elizabeth Arden 
Eight hour cream
50 ml tube Made in the USA

This is from Elizabeth Arden New York. This is called the Eight Hour cream.

I must tell you that this works wonders!!

At the back of the tube, you will see all the wonders that it does!

This cream or it is more of a balm in texture is very delicate on the skin. It is not very heavy but once you apply it you can feel the stickiness. But don’t be afraid you guys. It is just how it is. I don’t really mind that as long as it does its job. I mean I bought this because of how it performs as a product.

So I initially purchased this for my kit as a make up artist. Our make up instructor recommended this and she really swore by it. During that time I was already on youtube and I started to see videos about it. Lots of professional make up artists recommend this. And so I thought okay so if professionals say that it is a great product then let’s try it!

At first, I tried it a few times using it for other people up until I no longer freelance.’I began to use it more for myself and right there I started to appreciate it more.

This moisturizes a lot, you guys. If you have dry skin you absolutely need this! But even if you don’t, I mean you already know that I have oily skin rather than dry but it helped me a lot with other skincare issues. This is so helpful that is why make up artists have this in their kit. And I don’t blame them for trusting such a great product.

The only thing that bothered me a lot. Like A LOT, I am not gonna lie, it is the smell… ohmygosh. If you have a sensitive sense of smell or your nose is extraordinary when it comes to odors. Whew! Probably it will turn you off because it really does whenever I use it. lol

It isn’t even a scent at all. But it has a really bothersome strong odor. I realized though that they came out with the “fragrance free” version. I mean I wouldn’t even call that a fragrance because the original version has that strange odor but not fragrant at all. I don’t know how to describe it and I wouldn’t know about the fragrance free variant I wouldn’t be able to compare but just be aware that if you are sensitive to odors and you cannot by any means use a product with a strong smell, then just go fragrance free!

So these are the Eight hour Cream’s claims:

  • Shape brows
  • Revitalize shine
  • Soothe dry hands
  • Smoothes cuticles and nails
  • Soothes Chapping peeling flaking minor burns
  • For Sunburn
  • For Windburn
  • For Scrapes
  • For Abrations
  • Can be used on Cracked lips

Yup, it helps shape the brows! I told you, this is like a holy grail for make up artist. This really helps a lot to be able to tend to the skin in preparation for applying make up.

I do apply this together with my hand cream sometimes especially during the winter season. It gives more hydration to the skin.

If I have scrapes or any skin issue that I see on my body or even in the face, with just a minimal amount helps to not only moisturise but also to protect the skin from being scraped again until it heals.

This is another testimony from my sister. Whe she tried removing her moustache using a peel off wax paper, she had small scrapes on her upper lip, I told her to try the Eight hour cream and the day after that happened, it was all healed and less visible. So… you know, it really works wonders!

I also used this a lot for my lips especially during the cold months. It is good as a typical lip balm but like what I said I had to overcome that bothersome odor.

Here it is, the tube is all empty from top to bottom. Hahaha as you may notice I do this in almost all of my skincare packaging. I don’t want to waste even a drop of the products especially if it costs a lot and if it really works for me. I always make sure I have exhausted all of the product in the tube or in the container.

I am proud of this. For me it is an achievement because I am now very aware of my stuff. I am not holding on to products just because. I use them, I enjoy them and of course I finish them all up.

This is not cheap at all, guys, but I highly recommend this if you are curious to try it, it’s all worth your dime. For the price that you pay this is absolutely worth it.

I think this is one of my favourite skincare products, I would repurchase this again if I have the chance but because it is not on the affordable side, like what I said, I don’t know if I would be able to again. But the experience has been great and I didn’t regret buying this at all.



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