Liquid eyeshadows

We are halfway through my make up collection series. And here in this article I will share with you my eyeshadows, particularly: liquid eyeshadows.

It’s not a big deal, I only have 3. I am not really into liquid eyeshadows I mainly own powder ones.

These actually were living in my kit back then, they are just minis and I am pretty sure that they are almost gone at this point.

They are truly beautiful. And I have used these a lot for other people’s faces.

I think I’ve talked about this in my other videos as well. These are from Stila.

Stila glitter liquid eyeshadows

These are glittery and shiny.

I have three: diamond dust, gold goddess and kitten karma

These are just minis that I was able to buy because of a discount. The original full size are pretty costly so I am just glad I am able to try them out.

Let me know if you ever tried Stila liquid eyeshadows. They are amazing, right!



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