Garnier SkinActive make up remover

As I have said in my other articles, I am pretty much loyal to my proucts. It takes a while for me to try out a new one because if I love the product it is not easy for me to stray away. I have loved my other make up remover for years! And I don’t know why but there is something about Garnier that kind of sucked me in. I also have watched some youtube videos before trying this out. And some really convinced me Lol.

I have tried this make up remover from Garnier for like more than a couple of times until I decided to try the other variant which is what I am currently using right now. And that other variant I am gonna discuss on my next article.

Let’s focus on this green-bottled make up remover from Garnier.

Garnier has the SkinActive line which is about Skin Care. It comprises face skincare mostly moisturisers, masks, face detergents, bb cream, face cream, and miscellar water which is what this article is all about.

To be honest with you I have never tried any Garnier products in the past before I have tried their hair care products. I have always thought that it is the kind of brand that wouldn’t fit my needs.

And I have asian origins, and I have always believed that some products are made only for the western skin types or hair types. Especially because I am in Europe. I do get that. But as I did my research, based on L’Oreal’s Website, I didn’t even know that it is part of L’Oreal. wow! And Garnier is actually a person! If you know it, good. If you don’t, it’s just wow, right? Alfred Amour Garnier founder of Garnier back in 1904 and got the patent for a plant-based Hair Lotion. He’s amplified his reputation for beauty and dermocosmetics and created products for both hair and skin using natural ingredients mainly. Natural meaning: fruits, seeds, and flowers too.

Only this year this brand has been approved to be Vegan and Cruelty free. And has siince been planning to be part of a sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and packaging too.

So this miscellar water is part of the Skin Active line like what we said.

Garnier skin active fresh 
waterproof eye make up remover
Garnier Skin Active Fresh

Fresh targets normal to combination skin types. This claims to remove water-proof eye make up.

And it also has grapeseed extract as a main ingredient.

  • it is anti oxidant
  • it contains vitamin e and vitamin c
  • protects the skin from UV light, sun damage and smoke

I would be very direct and short about my comment. I just think that this is valid especially for the price. I mean, you don’t really have to spend that much for something like this to work. Water-proof? hmm.. actually at least for me,no. It doesn’t really remove waterproof make up in just one go. You have to put a generous amount to your cotton. But yes, with a bit of effort, it does the job. The other thing that I really liked is that it is very gentle on the eyes. No stinging, no perfume, nothing. It is just “fresh” like what the name is called, and very delicate. I hadn’t had allergic reactions or anything like that as I have very sensitive skin but I am thankful that this turned out to be a nice product.

Will I recommend it? yes because of my experience especially if you have sensitive skin. No if you are looking exclusively something for easy removal of waterproof eye make up. I would try other ones especially the one with a little bit of oil as an ingredient becuase it will help a lot. And I thnk that they have that variant but haven’t tried that.

Garnier Skin active fresh 
water proof eye make up remover
125 ml bottle

This is available in medium and large bottles. I like this 125 ml bottle as it is easy to carry with you in your pouch when you want to bring it with you on a trip.



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