Ciao everyone! In this article, I am discussing a skin product which makes a difference for me especially during the winter season. Now we are officially on the cold weather, I really want to share with you a holy grail product for me that I’ve used for years and years.

Glysolid crema mani classica
hand cream

This is a hand cream called Glysolid in classic presented to be an intensive hydration for dry hands. Don’t we all need a good moisturising hand cream in this intense weather? I don’t know if this is a well-known cream, I am not really sure. I don’t really see this on social media, or if someone has ever talked about this. Let me know if you are aware of this, if you have ever tried it or came across it at a store. But almost everyone I know uses this. In fact, it’s my mom who introduced this to me. And I am glad she did. Cause I have tried various hand creams but I always go back to this.

I am kind of a little bit confused as I did my research. On the tube, the packaging, it says, it is a brand under Unilever. I didn’t find it in their website though. Instead I saw an independent website of its own, and it’s in the U.S. while the tube says it is a product made in the UK. And the website says it is actually a brand from Germany. hhahhahahhaha LOL! it’s in the market since 1978. So I guess it is a pretty much established brand. The packaging is quite different too, maybe because of the different market in different continents. I mean, I bought this here in Rome, and the ones they have in the U.S. website has a slightly different appearance. Same red color packaging and white letters of the name though.

If you go to their website, immediately you will see written on their home site:

It’s a dry skin solution from Germany. It protects and it regenerates.

It softens the skin, and protects it, calming the skin from irritations and stimulating skin regeneration to heal small cuts and injuries. Because during winter time, because of the cold, we tend to have small cuts and our skin is more vulnerable because of skin dryness. I have always experienced that. I don’t have dry skin issues in general, my skin is the opposite though LOL (very oily), but the cold season is what gets me. I guess, almost everybody has this problem during the winter.

Glysolid hand cream

Glysolid boasts 2 ingredients in their formula that are very important for the skin.

  • Glycerin
  • Allantoin

All skin-care products contains glycerin at a certain amount. Glysolid has 50% of glycerin in their formula. And they say no mineral oil substitutes, just pure glycerin. This is an ingredient that has strong moisturising property, works well with the skin’s natural oil, hygienic, disinfects and fights bacteria as well.

Allantoin on the other hand is a seedlings extract found in some herbs. This is valuable for its astringent and nutritive properties. It softens and soothes the skin, too. This ingredient is important for faster regeneration process of the skin as it heals and replaces old skin cells.

This is what makes Glysolid perfect for the skin because of these two major ingredients.

Like what I said, Glysolid has become one of my favourite skin care products. I have tried and tested this over the years. Now in my 30s I am proud that my hands are still looking nice, moisturised and not dry at all even with the seasons changing.

If I would have only one complaint is the stickiness of this cream. I must warn you that this is very heavy and thick. And that is the result of glycerin occupying half of the formula. You really don’t need much. If you don’t want to have slippery hands afterwards, just a tiny amount will work wonders. In the end I don’t mind, just as long as it does what it has to, and that is, beautifying and taking care of my hands.

Glysolid is available in supermarkets and retail stores so it is not really hard to find.

  • 1 – 1 oz Tube
  • 3.38 oz Jar

oh, and if you are Vegan, this is a product you can try. I think that is a plus. As a lot of people would be able to try it!



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