I know this is wierd LOL. I’m gonna say this now, I don’t have a baby. So don’t be surprised. This is a product that I am using myself.
And I must mention that this, according to the tube, and the packaging the small box that came with it, that it is for adults too.
That is the reason why I bought this in the first place.

Fissan Pasta Alta Protezione
Pasta di Fissan Alta Protezione

Now I also have to reveal something. Like what I have always mentioned in my other articles, I have oily skin, sensitive and acne-prone. those are the main issues that I’ve always faced since I was a teenager and up until adulthood. So this, recently that I have been experiencing is new to me. I’ve never had dry skin in my entire life. It is just so horrible. I thought Acne is the worst, but it’s not. I won’t ever wish this to anybody. I have these redness and bumps on my skin during the past couple of months and it worsen this autumn. I am not sure why and how it came about. I was already tempted to go to the dermatologist but I wanted to wait. I tried not to panic, if it is just a passing skin problem because of the seasons changing.
And it is. Actually the condition of my skin is improving now. I don’t even know how LOL I don’t know what I did. Maybe some food that I ate gave me this momentary allergic reaction, maybe stress, lack of sleep and all that. I had to change my habits and some skin care products under the shower, too. It was tough. I am glad that my skin is now clearing up little by little.

Now let’s go back to Fissan. My bestfriend advised me to try this as he uses this to protect his skin and he even uses this for skin irritations.
I thought, ok. I am gonna try it. Why not. I mean, babies use it too. It is certainly a gentle product.

I went to my favourite local retail store, Tigotà and I found two Fissan pasta. I chose this because I saw on the packaging that it is for adults, too. I got this blue tube, and I tried it that same night that I bought it.
I was blown away!
I put a tiny amount on top of a redness on my face before going to bed. and the day after, I woke up, it’s gone!

I mean, like what I said, this is formulated for rashes and babies’ behind so yeah well. It’s a magic in a tube. That is what I call it.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

  • Zinc oxide- regulates PH levels, serves as a protective barrier for the skin, softens rough skin, inflammation and irritation.
  • Vitamin E, Vitamin F and Pro vitamin B5- these vitamins are known for skin protection, hydration and rigeneration
  • Panthenol and Marigold protects the skin and soothes irritation and inflammation

These ingredients according to Fissan’s website, protects and soothes irritations and skin redness caused by urine contact and diaper rubbing in contact to the baby’s skin.
It is adviced to apply a uniform amount on the skin massaging it delicately.
And there, written in the paragraphs, it is also adviced for adults experiencing skin irritations. It can be applied all over the body and it is excellent for dry hands and elbows.

It is absorbed by the skin minimally, and this indicates that it is there for the skin’s effective protection.

It is formulated for babies’ skin, high tollerability, and it contains no alcohol.

Pasta Fissan alta protezione
100 ml tube

Fissan has been in the market for over 80 years. It’s born in 1930, coming out with their historical powder and cream paste. Their mission is to protect babies’ and kids’ delicate and sensitive skin. And over the years, they have improved and amplified their product line linking innovation with tradition.

On their website, you will read this on their home site:

Fissan, protected skin and irressistibly soft.

Fissan is available in pharmacies and retail store, and it is budget-friendly. So if you are a mommy or a daddy who suffers from skin irritation, not only your baby can use it but you can try it too. I like that it is family friendly, the ingredients are on point, and it is super delicate and moisturising.

Back to my skin condition. Fissan helped me a lot. I applied it on top of the redness and bumps and it protects my skin whenever it comes in contact with my clothing. So this is now officially a favourite skin care product and will absolutely buy again if I run out of it.

Have you ever tried a baby product before that actually worked for you? Let me know in the comments and let’s share our experiences. Let me know if you’ve tried Fissan, too!

Thank you for reading. See you on my next article!



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