Vitamin C NutriDay

I have mentioned in one of my articles, another Vitamin C tab from another brand.

This is the current one that I have been drinking. I got this in another store called Tigotà and is now carrying not only toilettries but also other food supplements.

I wanted to try another tab that I like more which is orange flavour.

Nutri day difesa piu vitamina c
Nutri day Difesa Più

I told you in that article that I kind of changed my habits. I included working out as a routine. 2020 is a pivotal moment that I came back practicing yoga and 2021 I learned about barre. And from then I also added some supplements to support that. I started taking these tabs and have been consistent since then. I promise you it works. I never had a flu ever since!

The tube has 20 tabs and each tab has 500mg

According to the tube, it is a supplement which targets immune system for reducing fatigue.

It is adviced to take one tab each day in 200ml water. And I personally drink it after every work out routine.

It is gluten free and this brand is made in Switzerland.

I used to not believe in vitamins and food supplements. I didn’t think it does something in our body and health. But now I can finally say that I do believe in it as a support in a good and healthy diet, consistent workout routine, enough sleep and rest and healthy habits.

It is extra helpful especially during these times of Covid pandemic. Let us all be very careful and take good care of our body as much as we can.

I wish you all a healthy and prosperous holiday season!



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