We are nearing to closing down this series of my make up collection.

In this article, I am showing you the only lipsticks that I have as of 2021.

I don’t have that much, I have panned and decluttered lots of lip products in the past and here is where I am at.

My lipstick collection

I am really happy about this small number of lipsticks that I own currently because it gives me less pressure to finish them up. I would be able to use and enjoy them at the same time.

I’m gonna start with the oldest lipsticks that I still own up until this year.

This used to live inside my kit back then. This is from Maybelline. It belongs to the matte colorsensational line, it’s called: wickedly white. Yup from the name itself it is actually white. It is great to include in your kit if you are a MUA because you can mix it in with the different shades of lipsticks that you have.

This is the oldest in this group. And I have been consistently using it right from the beginning of January 2021. I didn’t carry it this month because I guess it’s more than enough. The progress is so visible now. At least I got to use it more.

The formula is great, and I have loved Maybelline New York lipsticks. I had another one in the past that I have finished up and truly enjoyed. With this white lipstick I was able to play with the other lipstick shades that I own.

I like these lipsticks a lot. Again these were living in my kit. I practically bought these to use for other people. It’s the first time I ever bought stuff from MaC Cosmetics. The formula is creamy and easy to apply, but be very aware that being matte they are quite drying so you have to moisturize your lips a lot. I have the shades kinda sexy which is a nude shade and tropic tonic leaning towards peach.

These are pretty new. I didn’t buy these. These are given to me by my dad. I’m yet to try these lipsticks. The shades are not my jam. But I don’t mind. I’m curious about this brand being vegan. This is called Equilibra Love’s Nature. The two shades are both rosa delicato which is light pink and the other one is borgogna intenso which is a dark plum shade.

Cosmi Milano Sparkle is another brand that I am not familiar with. It is made in Italy. This is actually a metal shade in 302 rose gold. Again I didn’t buy this, my dad gave this to me. I haven’t tried it yet but I am so curious. I am not really sure if the shade will suite my skintone.

This one is Color Affair shine from Bella oggi italia. This is another local brand and it is available in a lot of retail stores.

This shade is particular as it has glitter in it. It’s so cool because I never tried anything like this before. It is a red lipstick with small specks of gold in it. I am not a lover of reds when it comes to lip color but this is intriguing as I think it is very unique.

I already used this and have been included in my make up baskets several times. The color is actually beautiful but the formula isn’t the best.

Bella oggi Italia vinyl hi fi liquid lipstick is another find by my dad lol. The color is so beautiful guys. This is the type of lipshade that I would wear everyday. I just swatched it only and I have yet to try this on my lips so I am really excited to use it! I hope it is a long wearing lipstick.

Lipstick swatches
Bella oggi italia
Cosmi milano
Lipstick swatches

I’m ending this article with these swatches. I hope you enjoyed reading. Have you tried any of these brands and shades? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

See you on my final article in this make up collection series! Ciao!



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