Twinings of London green tea with orange aroma

Twinings of London
green tea with orange aroma

I have discussed green tea from Twinings in one of my articles in the past. I did keep the tin can for a very long time it is where I have kept my tea.

Now I have currently finished up this box of green tea with orange aroma. (As you can see on the picture there is only one bag left LOL).

This is very easy to prepare, just put the teabag in a cup and then pour a hot preboiling water temperature in it. Let it infuse within 2-3 minutes

Guys, for curiosity, don’t expect it to be orange, because it is not hahhaha it is still green tea with just a touch of aromatic orange scent.

Twinings has been in the market for over 300 years. They offer a variety of infused tea, original blends and authentic taste.

Coffee used to be the most requested hot beverage. Thomas Twining challenged the conventional ways people are used to and started to commercialize tea in the East Indies. And from then on it became Great Britain’s favourite hot beverage. From there, it all spread widely in Europe.

In 1706, Thomas Twining bought Tom’s Coffee House in Devereux Court, in Strand, found in London where aristocratic families are. Up until now, this is the place where the brand’s shop is still on. Tom’s coffee house was the gentlemen’s favourite place to meet and their specialty is tea. He then built one huge shop called Golden Lion. They sell loose leaf tea and ladies started to purchase from them and started to drink tea like the gentlemen.

Fast forward to 1956, Twinings is the first brand to commercialize tea bags, hence the packaging of tea bag filters in a box.

At the current time Twinings produce 250 tea blends, infused drinks and herbal tea.

The history is really interesting. I’m really glad I read their website. I don’t know why but Twinings is my favourite to pick when it comes to green tea. I love how they have different aromas and a variety of flavours that you can choose from without compromising the true essence of green tea.

As I’ve discussed on my last article about Twinnings, green tea has always been my preference because of the various health benefits that I can get. If you like to try green tea, I highly do recommend Twinings of London.



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