Pan di Stelle

It is christmas tomorrow! I just want to greet you all A VERY WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS. May you have all the happiness and peace that you’ve always longed for. Even with what all that is happening in the world, we deserve a little bit of normalcy and I wish you have that with your family and loved ones. Enjoy!

As part of Food and health category this week, let’s take a look at these biscuits from Pan di Stelle.

pan di stelle
Pan di Stelle biscuits christmas edition

Pan di Stelle is a part of the Barilla group the italian food company since 1872. All the brands under the company Barilla has a common objective: provide joy and the sense of togetherness at the table all over the world. Pan di Stelle is born because of a magic ingredient, cacao. In fact this brand buys cacao from the world’s leading high-quality cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut. They have been supporting the Cocoa Horizons Foundation which aims to help cacao farmers and for the betterment of cacao agriculture. This is the reason behind their campaign: “A dream called Cacao”

According to their website, these biscuits are made of 100% italian fresh milk and says on the packaging that it has no palm oil. These are actually round biscuits but now because of the holiday season, they came out with the limited edition christmas biscuits in the form of reindeer, gingerbread and star which I think is really fun. It also has a hole in which you can insert a string and hang them on the christmas tree!

Those are really cute.

The packaging says that:

Each christmas brings a litte bit of magic. And in fact this year, it comes with piccola renna cometa with a sleigh filled with dreams. If you have a dream, believe and wish upon a star: you will discover that anything can happen during christmas time!

The ingredients of this wonderful biscuit are:

  • wheat flour
  • sugar
  • sunflower oil
  • butter
  • high-quality fresh milk
  • cacao
  • chocolate
  • fresh eggs
  • honey
  • nuts
  • wheat
  • salt
  • cornstarch

It also contains traces of fruit and sesame- they highlight these ingredients because some people might have an allergy reaction.

It contains no dyes, no hydrogenated fats, and no added preservatives.

pan di stelle
nutritional value

This is the nutritional value as per 100g of product

  • Energy 483 kcal
  • Fats 7,8 g
  • Carbohydrates 23,5 g
  • Fiber 4,0 g
  • Proteine 7,5 g
  • Salt 0,475g

All I can say is that I love these. Pan di stelle has been a part of my breakfast and also as a snack, too for a long time now. I really like it because it is not too sweet, just the right cacao flavour. It is not heavy on the stomach. If other countries has chocolate chip cookies- chips-a-hoy or vanilla filled cookies- oreo, Italy has Pan di Stelle. I think it is very unique from other biscuits that I have tried. If you ever got the chance, try it!

A cookie from time to time won’t hurt. Reward yourself of a good breakfast or a worthwhile snack time, it’s a must! Share it with your loved ones, this is perfect for the holidays, too.

While Bing Crosby is dreaming of a white christmas…

pan di stelle

Pan di Stelle has a dream called cacao..



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