L’Angelica Le Tisane Emozioni al Cacao

I have discussed a product from L’Angelica Istituto Erboristico in one of my articles in the past. It was a summer herbal drink that is prepared using cold water. My dad actually gave that to me.

This time I saw this at a retail store called Tigotà. They now carry various herbal drink, supplements and vitamins. I was thrilled to see L”Angelica again. I really enjoyed that drink and so I wanted to try other herbal tea drinks that they offer.

L'Angelica Istituto Erboristico
le tisane
emozioni al cacao
puro cacao95%
L’Angelia Istituto Erboristico le tisane Emozioni al Cacao

I love hot chocolate as breakfast in the morning. At least once a week I drink it. And when I saw this from L’Angelica, I got curious and I thought, wow, cacao in a bag. Can I say teabag? or cacaobag? LOL It is cacao in a filter!
I have never seen something like this before so I grabbed it immediately!

I have discovered that L’Angelica has various lines and Tisana Puro Cacao 95% Vitalità belongs to the “Emozioni” line. They used cocoa beans giving the herbal drink an intense aroma, therefore giving you “intense emotions”, I guess.
This is a herbal drink so of course it is okay to drink this at anytime of the day, not only during breakfast.

This box has 15 filters, 100% natural and of course made in italy.
it is lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan!

It’s amazing!

In fact they use Criollo cacao which is the most pretigious cacao in the world.

Cacao combats free radicals and slows down the cell aging. It also increases quick reflexes and contrasts depression.

L'Angelica Istituto Erboristico
le tisane
emozioni al cacao
puro cacao95%

let’s take a look at the ingredients:

  • cacao
  • orange peel
  • osbeck fruit

it may contain traces of dried nuts

The nutritional value for each 100ml herbal infusion
(each preparation is 1 filter in 200ml water)

  • Energy 0 kJ / 0 kcal
  • Fats 0 g
  • Carbohydrates 0 g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Proteine 0 g
  • Salt 0,0 g

yup! that’s right! zeros!

Here is how they advice to drink it: 1 filter for each cup of 200 ml boiled water. wait for 5 minutes and sweeten as pleased.


use 150 ml hot milk wait and wait for 8 minutes

I have tried both but i like it better with milk.

Here’s the thing, in fact on their website ti is actually written to remind people that this is pure cacao, and less palatable than the ones in the market. Well that is exactly how I pictured it on my mind. I know that this is natural and all but I was expecting more.

Of course this is never going to be like the hot chocolate that I have been drinking for years. And I have used cacao powder as well as dark chocolate bars to mix in with hot milk, so I must tell you, don’t expect this to be that. It was a mistake in my part to expect such a thing. If you can see in the photo, it also barely has the chocolate color, . I actually don’t drink milk alone, I consume milk with cereals so this is not the hot chcolate that I prefer but I do appreciate that it definitely adds taste that kind of added a little bit of cacao flavor to the milk, even though not exactly like chocolatey chocolate.

So my final thoughts… I know that there’s value in this drink as for health benefits, I don’t doubt that, especially if it is all natural ingredients. But guys, honestly, I am just craving for my hot chocolate drink. And I am decisive when I say I won’t purchase this again, it is not something for me. But I am glad I tried it because like what I said it is something unique.

Have you ever come across this product, or maybe even something similar? If you did, what are your thoughts?

How’s the holiday going? Are you craving for a good mug of hot chocolate? hmmmm…


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