December make up basket finale

Year 2021 is ending. I am happy about the result of my make up baskets this year. I finally found the courage to let go of the items that I know are not giving me real satisfaction.

I am only going to keep stuff that adds value in my lfe

As you can see, I added a set of eyeshadows from Deborah Milano, the “browns” and one nude lipstick from MAC called “kinda sexy”.

I had difficulty playing with colors as always hahaha. So that is the reason why I added a few neutral shades.

There’s very few change on the lipticks and the gloss. But I try to be consistent even though we are still wearing mask (eye roll).

I practically use foundation only on the half part of my face LOL. On a very normal life (without mask), I would have already finished the Nars bottle already. There’s little left but because of the “new normal”, applying face make up is a challenge.

I am gonna declutter that set from Deborah Milano, it is so blendable but lacks staying power. I have already discussed this in my other article. I already decluttered other 2 sets from anothe make up basket. I am just not impressed and I don’t want to keep stuffI know I am not gonna touch again.

Make up geek eyeshadow in “mesmerized” is AMAZING! I am truly mesmerized! It reminds me of the elf baked eyeshadow I owned years ago. I can’t believed I haven’t touch it immediately since I bought it.

The eyeshadow called “islands“ from Nabla is also beautiful! It is so creamy, and it is good to be applied using the finger as the brush doesn’t give it justice.

Kat von d holographic eyeshadow in ultraviolet is another pretty formula. I have long sinced decluttered the other three eyeshadow from the palette since I have long sinced hit pan.

The least I like from this basket are the eyeshadows from MAC. I just don’t find the formula really long lasting maybe because of the age, I’m not sure. The black one I used for my brows and thankfully my brows remain intact the whole day.

Last but not the least I liked the peach shade from Wycon Cosmetics. I used that a lot on my crease. While the green shade is not easy to use. I had to put on the blue shade together with it and I’d be honest, I didn’t touch it that much.

I am now ready for the whole year of 2022!

Happy new year guys! Happy make up! 🙂



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