Eyes: make up declutter part 1

How are you all! Happy 2022! I wish you all a great year ahead and a great makeup year!

I am starting a new series called make up declutter, this is where I will share with you the make up items that I have used up and decluttered last year 2021.

I tried to divide each items in parts and categories so as not to bore the hell out of you and this will avoid a long article.

I am gonna start with the Eye make up items. And here in part 1 I am talking about 4 eye items.

The first two are make up tools that I have decluttered out of my collection.

The first one is a tool from Biffoli. This is an eyeshadow applicator as you can see it is all messed up so It is time to let it go.

Another tool that I used to keep in my kit is from Sephora. This is an eye correcting swab. I had to pull it out of my kit when I stopped freelancing and used the rest of the swabs to myself, and it’s all done now. I took a photo for sharing purposes but this is all empty now and I have finally used them all up.

Mac prolongwear paint pot in painterley
Soft ochre bare study
Mac Prolongwear Paint Pot

These are really nostalgic, guys. I was thinking of conserving the jars but I talked myself out of it because there is no use holding on to them.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish them up but I can tell you that I have used them a lot when they were in my kit and also I love them for myself too! So I must say I have gotten a good use out of them. Mac paint pots are not affordable but they are totally worth the money.

Last but not the least, I have gone through the mini Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base. This is part of a box of minis from Nars that I bought because I wanted to try their products out.

Unfortunately this is not for me because my lids are so oily. It is not the right eye primer for me. I am just happy I am able to finish it up.

That is it, guys I will have to cut this here and I will see you again next week for another make up declutter article. Ciao!



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