Eucerin ph5 Shower oil detergent

I have talked about products in my past articles that I have discoveerd that cater to dry skin and atopic skin type.

I am gonna start this year with skin care articles about products that I have currently discovered for skin problems that I am going through.

The products that I used to use having an oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin, I still use. Especially the face skincare. I still love them, I think despite all of the skin issues that I have now, they still work. Although I have to say that I needed to adjust a little bit and add more skin care items on my routine when it comes to body skin care.

This is very recent, like what I told you, this started back in autumn and I am now in the road to “healing” . It isn’t as worse as it was before but every now and then I still have quite a few problems and itchiness that I experience.

I have shared with you that I am currently having dry skin all over my body, some allergies and itchiness and rough dry patches in some areas too. My skin have become very sensistive in terms of the clothing or detergents and anything that comes in contact with my skin, it reacts immediately. I have never had these issues before. Yes, I had acne for a very long time, I still do have it and I usually have sensitive skin on the face. But now, I have allergic reactions in my body as well.

Now in this article I will share with you another brand that I am currently eyeing out.

Eucerin is a well known brand, I always here this name as one of the prominent ones when it comes to skincare. That is why I started to browse their website praticularly the dry skin line.

Eucerin pH5 Shower oil detergent is part of their dry skin line it is formulated to protect natural skin defense and preserve the skin’s elasticity.

It is rich in natural nutrients which leaves skin smooth and soft like silk. According to the description, even if this is used frequently it is not gonna dehydrate the skin. This is advised to use for the body everyday, it is very efficient. It has no agressive ingredients at all and gives more skin protection. That is why it can be used for skin with allergy issues like what I am experiencing right now.

It has no alcaline soap and has a very suttle scent. I don’t find it perfumed or anything strong so for me that is fine.

I have long sinced stopped using or at least have been very careful about perfume in my skincare products, both face and body because of my sensitive skin so I really do appreciate that Eucerin shower oil has no strong scent at all.

It says on the product description that it shouldn’t go in contact with the eyes so I guess it cannot be used on the face and there’s no indications at all because this is actually for the body.
But I do. Guys, I do use it on my face as well. Not regularly though. Just when I take the shower. I don’t wash my face with water everyday because I have my skin cleanser and my miscellar water.
I didn’t have any problems on my face, surprisingly, again because of acne, I have also been careful about products that I use on my face. I really like that I can use this not only on my body but I can use it on my face as well.

Disclaimer guys, I don’t encourage you to do that lol if the product says it is not for the face, don’t use it on the face. They have other items for the face in their dry skin line. But I am just saying that I tried it and I ddin’t have any bad face skin reactions at all. That goes to show how gentle the product is.

They also noted that you have to rinse your shower and bath tub thoroughly because it can get slippery as this is oil. And it is true, guys, being oil, it is slippery in the shower box. So just be mindful about that.

I am about to finish the 200 ml bottle that I bought last december. And I bought a new one as a back up. I still want to use it more and test it more for the next few months before splurging into the large bottles.

Eucerin pH5 Shower oil detergent
dry skin
sensitive skin

Okay, like what I said I have never had this skin problems in the past so I am no expert. Having dry skin is something new to me. I know you’ll probably say I should just go to the dermatologist but I want to wait, guys. If simple over-the-counter skin care products would save me the time and energy and even money, why not. I am bestowing my faith in this product and also on this brand. Just like everything new, I am aware that it takes time and nothing is magic or nothing happens overnight. Patience is the key.

By the way, I forgot to mention that this is so delicate that even kids 3 years old and up can use it. I like that. According to their studies this can be used by extremely senisitive, extremely dry and problematic skin. So just imagine how gentle this product is.

So for me, I am liking it so far. Like what I said I want to continue using it just to see the long term effects and the benefits it would give my skin. Of course this is not a medication, I don’t expect my skin to suddenly go back as it was but at least, it will help ease the irritations a bit instead of using products that will add more stress to my skin.

If you are experiencing the same problmes as mine, do check out this brand, they have a complete line for dry and sensitive skin also for atopic skin types as well that I am also currently trying out and that I will talk about in my future articles. Ciao!

DISCLAIMER: This is a not a sponsored article. All the brands and products that I mention in my articles here in Fase Beauty, I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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