Ferrero Rocher

I know what you are gonna say… this is not healthy. I know guys, I know. But you all know I am a foodlover and I do believe in eating the right food… but I believe in moderation the most.

I don’t wantto hold myself back on delicious food that I would crave every now and then. I don’t want to deprive myself of goodies. I know what is healthy and what is not but I know when I exaggerate and when I don’t.

I am just saying that it is all up to you.

So before I gofurther ahead, let me introduce to you the topic of this article.


Ferrero Rocher!

ferrero rocher



The key ingredient of ferrero rocher is hazelnuts!

It is the toasted hazelnut covered with milk chocolate and again wrapped inside the wafer and grated nuts too!

This is what makes Ferrero Rocher extraordinary

Also the gold packaging is famous enough. And this is a world wide known chocolate.

I have discussed other products from Ferrero and one product has actually the same principle. It is not available duringthe summer season. It is because the high temperature might alter the quality of the product.

And the quality is best preserved between 18 and 22 degrees celsius. Ferrero rocher will only come back during autumn season.

They also advice the consumers onhow to conserve ferrero rocher properly:

  • avoid places with changing temperature
  • conserve in a fresh and dry area preferably 18-22 degrees celsius, away from warm heating devices and light
  • do not conserve in humid places
  • conserve it away from food with strong odor like cheese and spices

In 1982 Ferrero Rocher came out with a clear packaging which really shows the special elegant gold packaging of each piece as to make it special to share and gift.

Now let’s go ahead and check out the ingredients!

  • 30% milk chocolate (sugar, cacao butter, cacao paste, powdered milk, butter anidro, soy lecithine, vanillina
  • 28,5% hazelnut
  • sugar
  • palm oil
  • flour
  • powdered milk
  • cacao
  • soy lecithine
  • sodium carbonate
  • salt
  • vanillia
  • pure cacao

For those who are savy when it comes to the nutrition of the food that they eat… this is the information:

Nutritional Information of Ferrero Rocher value for each 100g

Energia 603 kcal
grassi 42,7 g
saurated fats 14, 1 g
carbohydrates 44,4 g
sugar 39,9g
protein 8,2 g
salt 0,153 g

Available in packages of:

3 pcs 37.5 g
4 pcs 50g
16 pcs 200g
24 pcs 300 g
30 pcs 375 g

My conclusion, guys, you already know, I love it and I know I won’t stop eating this LOL. And I know my limits. This is just perfect for cravings every now and then. I have already discussed about the value that we get from hazelnuts, too. When we take it at the right amount, there is an added health benefit as well.

If you have a loved one who likes hazelnuts and chocolate, this is also a nice present to give.



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