Lindt dark chocolate spread

lindt dark chocolate spread
200g jar
lindt & sprungli

Yessss! You all know I am really thrilled about this.

I have already discussed one in my past article but I found this!!!
I went to Castroni which is a well-known food shop here in Rome and as I was scanning the aisle, I came across Lindt dark chocolate spread. It was actually in Castroni that I found the Lindt cream spread, the first one. And now, I just found out that this also exists! The dark chocolate format!

lindt dark chocolate spread

I love dark chocolate, you guys. This is I think one of my weakness craving. I like it more than the others like milk and white chocolate. Because I don’t have to deal with the very sweet taste. I can still enjoy chocolate without taking in lots of sugar!

Anyway, I tried to do a research again, reading their website but I didn’t find anything about this or when did this came out or if it is new. But certainly Lindt have been out with their dark chocolate bars for a time now, I guess.
And then finally they also developed cream spreads that mirrors all of their chocolate bars.

lindt dark chocolate spread
lindt & sprungli
maitre chocolatier
gluten free
Lindt 200 g jar

Let us check out the ingredients!
vegetable oil (sunflower, rice)
italian hazelnuts
vegetable fats (coconut, sunflower)
powdered milk
cacao butter
soy lecithine
powdered vanilla
dry fruit

It is proud to be gluten free, and it has no palm oil, too.

But they warn about possible allergens like, hazelnuts, milk, soy and almonds

Lindt dark chocolate spread
nutritional information

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Energy 2448 kCal
  • Fats 37 g
  • saturated fats 11g
  • carbohydrates 50g
  • sugar 40g
  • protein 7,6g
  • salt 0,09 g

So, it’s up to you to decide whether this is healthy for you or not. I know that this is still chocolate. But like what I have said in all of my articles. I don’t mind as long as I know that I eat chocolate in moderation. This is in no way will ever replace my meals.
I actually like this as a spread with bread and coffee in the morning.
You can actually experiment and use it on biscuits or cakes. And this is what cream spreads are for.

Lindt dark chocolate spread
Waffles with Lindt dark chocolate spread! hmmmm yummy!

It is truly a dark chocolate in a cream form and I appreciate that.

Again if you find this product, just check it out if you are curious. Just be mindful as always about everything that you eat. All in moderation. guys!



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