Eye Make up Declutter part 3

In this article, I will share with you all the eye pencils and eyeliner that I have decluttered:

  • Wet n Wild Coloricon Kohl eyeliner in calling your buff!/rose naturel
  • Nars high-pigment longwear eye pencil
  • Bella Oggi Italia linea occhi kajal 104
  • MAC Eye Khol in smolder, teddy, coffee
  • MAC Powerpoint eye pencil engraved and forever green


  • Mac Prolongwear Fluidline in blacktrack

I am so relieved now that I have a small number of eye pencils and eyeliners. To be honest I don’t really use them that much so I don’t mind having to let go of a lot of these. Some I have used a lot and some very rarely you obviously see the difference.

The blue pencil from Bella Oggi Italia is such a gorgeous color but unfortunately this doesn’t last long on the waterline. I have tried my best to make it work, I have included this in all of my make up baskets so I was able to use it more. It is getting old so I really need to let it go.

This is so funny, I have tried this pencil back when it was new for only a couple of times. It is included in a mini eye set box from Nars. I wanted to try out some eye products from Nars that is why I bought the minis. Unfortunately, it remained in my drawer for a long while because I was busy trying to use up the older pencils that I have. And when the time came that I wanted to use it, the cap of the pencil won’t come off LOL. I tried everything, I even asked help from my sister but I couldn’t get it off and finally, the ending, was…. LOL, I broke the small pencil. I know, it is really funny. So I can’t even figure out if it’s a good eye pencil or not. As I said, I tried it only a couple of times and I can’t truly remember my first impression of the product.

The one from wet n wild is also a nice color. Actually I do prefer light colors than black or dark pencils because light colors like white, beige, rose shades will have the effect of large eyes, at least for me because I have the typical small asian eyes and dark shades tend to make them even smaller, that is also another reason why I don’t use eyeliners. My problem about the coloricon pencil is that it is too soft and goes away immediately. It’s just not gonna work. This is such a long pencil, it has a lot of product but I couldn’t continue using it.

I wouldn’t have owned any MAC make up items if not for make up school and freelance. These used to live in my kit back then, so you CAN imagine how old they were. I decided to purge on my kit when I stopped freelancing. I did verything I could to save the products, some I gifted to a friend back at the make up school who proceeded to go on with the master course, she was very grateful. Some I have kept for myself to use, and these pencils were some of them. I have been very patient, the black and the brown I used for my brows but the others, I just can’t finish them up, it is just not part of my everyday make up routine. So I guess that is it, I have to let them go already as they are really old now. We are talking about our eyes so I don’t want to use old make up and get some eye infection.

The eyeliner jar is also from Mac, that, I must say, I have used a lot back in make up school. I have almost hit pan on it if I have proceeded into freelancing. But again, I tried to use it for myself but I just don’t reach for it that much so I guess that is the end of it. Though I must say it is really a good long-wearing eyeliner that I have tried. It is also good for smokey eyes, it is just an amazing product. If you are a Make up Artist I highly do recommend it. Being in a jar it is so convenient to use for multiple people.

Let’s continue on my next article in this series regarding eye make up products. Thank you for reading. Ciao for now!



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