Eucerin AtopiControl Acute cream

This is the most recent item I have discovered from Eucerin. When I went to the pharmacy to buy a new bottle of Eucerin shower oil, the pharmacist offered these 2 samples for me to try.

Eucerin Atopicontrol Acute care cream
Eucerin Samples

If I am gonna compare this with the other items that I have tried, I like it the most. These samples helped me decide that on my next trip to the pharmacy I will definitely give the full tube of the cream a try.

This is part of Eucerin’s Atopi Control line which caters to dry skin and atopic skin types.

On Eucerin’s website, there is a complete explanation of how Atopic skin types work that I didn’t know about. It has actually phases.

Acute phase is when the skin is inflamed. It is a period between flare ups and calm skin. Since there is no cure for Atopic dermatatis, the objective is to calm the skin as often as possible, and to elongate that period of time to prevent the flare ups. And that is what the Atopicontrol line is all about.

Eucerin Atopicontrol Acute care cream

The active ingredients of the Acute cream are the following:

  • Lycalcone A – this is a soothing ingredient. It comes from the root extract of l iquirizia which is a very potent anti oxidant and anti inflammation
  • Decandiolo – is anti bacterial, it combats a bacteria which is associated with atopic skin types
  • Mentoxipropanediol- is an anti itch ingredient and it’s refreshing.
  • Lipids like the following fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6- grape seed oil, cermamides help regenerate the skin bariers
  • Menthoxypropanediol- this is the mint extrat which reduces itch and offers a fresh sensation to the skin

All of these ingredients are all essential for reducing skin dryness, redness, irritation and itchiness

That is exactly what I need, guys. Now that my skin is better than when it started last autumn. I still have a little bit of flare ups but now I know I have to maintain my skin’s calmness from the flare ups for as long as I can.

Eucerin Atopicontrol Acute care cream

Eucerin AtopiControl Acute care cream is formulated to give skin relief. It is an intensive treatment, reducing redness, hydrates the skin and strenghtens skin’s protection. This reduces the itchy sensation that will in turn provide good sleep and betters the quality of your day to day life.

It contains no perfume at all, and I appreciate that. There are no cortisone, no dyes and it is also paraben free. And like the other Eucerin products, it can be used by all family members, from adults to kids and even babies 3 months old and above.

The cream underlines that this is not a pharmaceutical product and it doesn’t ever intend to replace them. But they claim that this will break the cycle of the atopic dermatitis while helping to soothe the skin, therefore reducing the use if hydrocortisone.

The cream may be applied to the skin anytime it is necesary. This will result into reducing the water loss on the skin’s transepidermic therefore skin appears to be smooth and soft. The need to scratch the skin is also effectively reduced as well.

I find that everytime I apply this, I feel a refreshing sensation almost like mint cold. Same thing happens with the spray. So I guess both gives the same effect. I still need time to see improvements on my skin if it will lessen the amount of dry patches. I hope it will after some time.

Guys, be very gentle and mindful of your skin. Make sure you don’t forget to take care of it as it is part of our overall health. Anything that is going on in our bodies will always reflect on our skin and that I have experienced a lot of times.

I just wish you all good skin this 2022.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps those, who, like me is facing this skin issue. Take care.

See you in my next article!



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