Eye Make up Declutter part 4

These are the last items in my eye make up collection that I have finished up and decluttered. I am so satisfied and at the same time, I am also grateful that I have been able to try these products out.

  • ABH Brow wiz in ebony
  • Essence lash and brow

  • Wet n wild xxl lash thickening amplifying mascara
  • Rimmel london 100% wterproof mascara in 001 black black
  • Maybelline new york lash sensational boosting serum
  • Maybelline new yor ciglia sensazionali effetto ventaglio mascara

For the brows, I have used up the ABH Brow Wiz. I truly enjoyed using this product. I think this is one of the best brow product I have ever tried and this will remain as a favourite.

This tool from Essence has been so used. I have loved this a lot and have became part of my routine for both my brows and lashes. After I apply my mascara, I used to brush them with the lash comb. I don’t do that anymore I’d be honest, because preparing to go to work can be tedious at times. But that is my trick that seprates and curls my lashes nicely. I suggest you give it a try. While the spoolie is of course very helpful for my brows. This tool is essential in my opinion and it has been very well loved.

I am someone who tries to change mascara maximum 3 months. This is what I learned at the make up school.

The only mascara I have kept for a long time was the one from Maybelline New York LOL I know it’s not right but this was back when COVID started and I stopped applying make up when we were all kept inside our houses. I kinda kept my make up inside my drawers and it was such a waste to trash the product out as I have only used it a couple of times max before the pandemic started. I didn’t regret keeping it because the product is so good. I highly do recommend it if you are looking for a good drugstore mascara. I did a review on my channel, please do check it out if you are curious!

The other tube from Maybellone New york is actually a lash serum. I did buy it first before the mascara. Guys, be mindful of the marketing aspect. The product is not ok and I know that it could never work although I hoped it will LOL. My lashes are short and they will never grow. Ever. Be mindful about everything you put on your eyes.

I am so satisfied about the Rimmel London mascara. This is no joke, it is water proof! And a little bit of a pain to remove. Just put in lots of miscellar water, maybe a little bit of oil and you are good. The only thing that I didn’t like is the wand. My eyes are irritated everytime. Just make sure to be delicate when applying the mascara.

Lastly, the most recent that I got rid of just last december 2021 was the one from Wet n Wild. The formula is okay, I guess. It doesn’t smudge, yes but it isn’t curling, lenghtening or volumizing at all, so don’t expect anything. Even the wand, nothing exceptional. It is just an okay mascara.

At the beginning of 2022, I am now currently using a new mascara, actually no, two mascaras which I will feature in the future and explain further why I am currently using two LOL. I am just happy I was able to trash out all of these.

This wraps up the eye make up declutter, guys. See you on the next category, face make up declutter.

Thank you so much for reading!



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