Biopoint Hair Booster

I have already talked about another hair product from Biopoint and this is actually one of the items on the set. The other one I have used up last year while this is still part of my hair care routine.
I like it so I am taking my time to enjoy it still.

This is a booster- not the booster for Covid LOL hahahha but a booster for the hair.

this hair booster belongs to a hair set called Hair Repair Ritual containing:

Hair Booster
Concentrated Activator 50ml
Extreme Repair Mask
Maschera Ricostruzione 200ml

this is a line created for dry, dull and damaged hair.

Bio Point Hair Repair Ritual set

This is the perfect treatment to strengthen hair, which is essential to making hair soft, bright and protected.

Acoording to their website, this is supposed to give the hair hydration, shine and strength.

The formula is something I have never tried before. I have tried hair products during my twenties and this is something different. It is very liquid and it turns into a very light mist which is absorbed immediately by the hair.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main ingredients which conserves water to the hair fibers improving the hair follicles and reseting the hair water balance.

Vegetable proteins act deeply, fixing and restructuring the hair fibres and gives protection which makes hair stronger and resistant to breakage while giving it more volume.

According to their website, the hair booster:

  • gives 5x hydration which lasts for 72 hours
  • 3x shinier leaving the hair extremely soft and light
  • 2x strengthen the hair fiber giving intense protection during the day.
  • protects the hair from heat stress and protects hair from up to 100 hair iron styling.

It is adviced to be used either NO RINSE and ON THE GO

NO RINSE: for nutritive action and immediate protection
after washing hair, spray it over and dont rinse and just blow dry

ON THE GO: to discipline hair, spray on dry hair just on the length not from the roots

If you come across this product it is nice to try especially if you have dry hair. And I like that it disciplines my hair, I would admit my hair isn’t like when I was in my 20s. I don’t have ever issues with my hair I think ‘ve made a good job maintaning it well but my hair needs more protection now more than ever. No rinse is my favourite. I just spray it on my hair and it is all smooth and nice-looking.



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