Baci Perugina

I have always talked about chocolate here in my blog. I love lots of brands and these are the ones with which I grew up with.

This is one of those.

You all know how I love my dark chocolate. So in this article I will share with you all about a very well-known italian chocolate. If the United States of America has Kisses, Italy has Bacio.

“Bacio” is the italian word for Kiss

Bacio is a part of Perugina® chocolate born in 1907, described to be a union between tradition and creativity to taste, feel, see and touch.
In 1922 Luisa Spagnoli decided to create the recipe of Baci Perugina. In fact, the dark chocolate is called Luisa®, this is the chocolate that envelopes the inside cacao which is a gianduia sprinkled with hazelnuts grains. Gianduia is actually a chocolate paste made of cacao and hazelnut. There’s a big piece of toasted hazelnut at the center, giving it an added crunch

The shape is the same as the knuckle of one hand that is the reason why they used to call it “Cazzotto”. Just later the name is changed to Bacio®.
The silver packaging with stars makes Bacio Perugina very unique and recognizeable.

the main ingredients are the following:

  • toasted hazelnut
  • dark chocolate Fondente Luisa® cacao mix Arriba
  • scented Madagascar vanilla

I didn’t find anything about the nutritional value but Bacio boasts to be glutine free at 72 kcal.

Another thing that is distinct is the “cartiglio”, these are love quotes written in a small paper included in each piece of Bacio. That is why this makes a great gift for someone special.

Bacio's philosophy is to live your emotions

As a food lover, this really gives a different sensation each time. There is something fulfilling when I eat good food or in this case, when I eat good chocolate.

Bacio not only gives us a personal emotion but affection to our loved ones as well. The different packaging in each occasion throughout the year, makes this a wonderful gift to give someone. It is the gift of giving, feelings and emotions that brings us fulfilment and joy to our lives.

And that is exactly a kiss is all about. I think “Bacio” is the perfect name for such a great chocolate wonder. It gives the same sensation of a kiss actually, feeling that sweetness of love and affection.

Baci Perugina Limited Edition: Dolce & Gabbana


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