Face Make up Declutter part 1

I have had this foundation brush from Kiko Milano since I was in my 20s. I’ve used it a lot. And it has done its job very well. I liked it a lot because the brush is so soft even though I have washed it a hundred times.

Beauty blender sponges are my favourite. Although each variant lives up to my expectation, the original pink one is not the best in my opinion and I was surprised.

These 3 triangle sponges are not my thing. I used to carry these in my make up kit. They are very useful for doing different faces. But personally I don’t like using it just for the sole reason of irritation. The material is not something I would want near my sensitive skin.

MAC Oil Control lotion mattifying

I have always had oily skin ever since I can remember LOL. But this lotion from MAC didn’t do it for me. This used to be in my make up kit and I have used it to various people, when I purged into the make up items in my kit I pulled it out to use for myself but unfortunately it just broke me out. My pores are clogged so in the end, I just have to let this go.

Benefit the Porefessional is my all-time favourite, I have tried a very few primers, I don’t use it everyday anymore as I used to. And I just want something light which will minimize the pores in my cheek area. Other than that, I don’t think it is necessary for me, just as long as I have a good moisturiser as a make up base.

Maybelline Instant Anti Age concealer in 02 nude

I can say that I am a concealer girl because I have always had prolematic skin. But out of all the ones that I have tried, Maybelline Instant Anti-age is my holy grail. I have purchased this again and again, I really love it.

The concealer palettes from MAC and the highlighter from the Prep + Prime highlighter used to live in my kit. The highlighter pen is a highlighter but it can be used as a concealer to brighten up the undereye area. I have used it a lot on other people. I tried to use it for myself but I don’t think I really need it. The two palettes I have used so much although I didn’t finish them all up I think it is time to just declutter them because they are getting old.

Last but not the least, the color correcting palette from Make Up Forever Professional is a palette I have used a lot when it ws in my make up kit. This is a great product and I do recommend it if you are a Make up Artist, you need this in your kit.

I have tried various types and brands of foundation. And I think I know by now the ones that work for me and those that aren’t.

The Face and Body foundation from Dior is amazing, the coverage is so good especially for my problematic skin, But there is a catch, it broke me out. I tried to mix it with any other foundation just to make it work and I have used almost half of the bottle. Unfortunately it got old so I need to just declutter it from my collection.

I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation that is why I purchased the stick version. I wanted it to be my travel foundation. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy it a lot. And then the pandemic happend, sadly. I have only used it a bunch of times and it got old so I needed to just let it go.

I haven’t gone much into the Make up forever Velvet matte foundation because of the wrong shade, and the only few times I have tried it was so bad because I looked so orange LOL even though I have already mixed it with my other foundations it is not the best make up day whenever I used it. It just sat there in my drawer and just got old.

Cushion foundations are the ones I veered away from. But I wanted to try one and I bought this, don’t come for me, just because of the packaging LoL This edition from Moschino x Tony Moly is so gorgeous. It also has a hand mirror included that I still use up until now. The formula is in fact not the one for oily skin types. Cushion foundation formula is geared towards normal to dry skin because of the moisturising property. And the shade is too light as well, being a korean brand so the market is more into fair and light skin shades. But I was able to use it as a base on my cheek area which gives a smooth look, as my pores being minimized, I am currently using the refill and I am about to finish that as well so I am really satisfied.

Let’s continue with the other products that I have decluttered on my upcoming articles. Thank you for reading! Ciao for now.

DISCLAIMER: This is a not a sponsored article. All the brands and products that I mention in my articles here in Fase Beauty, I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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