Face Make up Declutter part 2

This is the continuation of my article face make up items that I have decluttered. Now I will have to discuss the other ones I have used up and decluttered out of my collection.

Let’s talk about powder.

I am really proud of this because this is one of the hardest to finish up in a make up collection unless of course you only have one.

Mac studio fix powder in n.5

The Laura Mercier transluscent powder I have loved so much. I originally purchased this for my kit and yes I have used it a lot on other people’s faces. And then I pulled it out of my kit to use for myself. It is such a gorgeous powder and it caters well to my oily skin. I still can’t believe I have used it all up.

The next one from MAC is a declutter, unfortunately I wasn’t able to hit pan on it as I really didn’t reach for it that much because of the shade. It is too light for me. And btw this is also a foundation powder that’s another reason why I can’t use it often. I don’t want to use a liquid foundation and this powder at the same time.

The most recent I had finished was from Essence. This is one of my most loved powder brands, not to mention very afforadable. I wanted to use it mainly for the undereyes because it is really a nice brightening yellow powder. I ended up using it all over my face. I did enjoy it very much, I know I will miss it.

I had difficulty using this bronzer from MAC. I tried my best to like it but I don’t. It is not the best bronzer I have tried and it is really hard to use, very blotchy and hard to blend. I was disappointed and I tried using it until I got tired of it.

Madina is a cream highlighter stick. This is so beautiful. and I purchased it, actually, the whole class purchased it due to our teacher’s recommendation at the make up schol. This is a local brand, made in Italy. And our teacher says the make up artists use this a lot on runways next to MAC mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle. I have used this a lot when it was on my kit but I wasn’t able to finish it up. Having an oily skin I can’t use it for myself. I prefer powder highlighters rather than cream. Actually, in general, I prefer to use powder products because creams won’t really last on my skin.

Last but not the least, the ultimate setting spray from Urban Decay, guys, this product is so valid. If you like setting sprays, this is great. And it also works for my oily skin. I just can’t justify the price for the full bottle, this one is a mini btw. I wanted to try it first before buying the full bottle, it used to be in my wishlist but now, I just don’t feel the need for a setting spray tbh. I used to use a lot off setting sprays back in my 20’s but now, I just think it is a lesser step in my make up routine when I eliminated it. I still recommend this though if you have a spare cash, I think it is worth it even though it is kind of pricey.

That concludes my face make up declutter. The last article in this series will come up next week. Thank you so much for reading!



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