Lip Make up Declutter

I have always loved my classic bullet lipsticks. And now I am very pleased with how I have enjoyed the ones that I own instead of buying more.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to finish some but I truly know I have used them a lot.

Welcome to the last part of my make up declutter series featuring the lip products

The 4 color workshop lipsticks belong to a make up set and I really like how creamy the formula is. These are so used. I love them all. I am practically done with the nude shade, and almost finished up the pink shade. Purple and red shades are the less used ones but still I enjoyed them, too.

Mac ruby woo is one of the most well-known lipstick from the brand if not from the market. It is the perfect shade of red. I purchased it for my kit originally. And then I tried to use it for myself but the formula is matte and I prefer creamy lipsticks. Plus I am not so into reds anyway. So this one is a pass. It is also kinda old so I need to let it go.

My most recent declutter is from Maybelline. This used to be in my kit dispensible for mixing various shades of lip products. I hadn’t had the chance to utilize it often. I pulled it out from my kit to use for myself and tried to combine it with my other lipsticks especially those with strong colors that I have difficulty in wearing. I wasn’t able to finish it up but surely I am able to arrive almost halfway the stick. And I’m good with that.

I only have 2 lip pencils that I have finally finished up! Yey!! I am very happy! These are minis from Nars. I have long since stopped purchasing lip pencils and these are the last ones. I actually liked them, the formula is great, it is surprising to me because even if they are matte, they are quite comfortable to wear. I would gladly buy these again if I’ll have the chance.

Mac Mini lipglass in lots of laughs
Mac lipglass
Mac lipglass

I am not really into lipglosses. I can only count the very few I have owned. These two are from MAC.

I pretty much purchased this MAC lipglass for my kit and I barely used it. As you can see it is still almost full. But it is getting old, I am deeply sorry I had to declutter it without receiving much love.

While the other is a mini called Lots of Laughs, that is included in one of my MAC hauls. At first I was hesitant to use it and then I finally got to appreciate it more as I apply it on my lips everyday. It was halfway empty until I finally decided to let it go.

Thank you so much for reading this series. If you have arrived up until this last part, I appreciate you. And I will surely continue to update you if I have other make up items that I will finish up or is gonna be decluttered out of my collection.

I also do encourage you to do the decluttering because it is refreshing. I believe in keeping things that add value into our lives and letting go of the ones that doesn’t.

See you again on my next article!

Ciao for now.



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