Cacharel Yes I Am

I have used up this perfume, yey!

Guess where I found out about this perfume? Youtube LOL I know hahahha. I was looking for a new brand to try. And when I saw that someone is talking about this, it got me intrigued. The shape of the bottle is really cute and it resembles a tube of lipstick. The packaging I think is one of a kind. I really like it, You all know how I love make up. This is genius packaging, it is not something you see all the time. The way the girl described the scent also made me curious. so I thought, alright, I want to give this a try.

Perfumes are one of the beauty items that I used to hoard hahahhaa. Don’t come for me, I am being honest! And I had a fair share in the past, I even collected the bottles. LOL! I don’t anymore. Even though I want to I had to declutter all. And now that I have finished up this bottle of perfume, all I can do is take pictures and talk about what my experience is using this fragrance.

Yes I am

Cacharel Yes I am

this is a 30ml bottle and it comes with a cap but it is just to keep for travelling purposes.

According from my research, Cacharel is said to be the brand of the eternal youth. It is created in 1958 by Jean Bousquet. Cacharel is a brand synonymous to youth, romanticism and freedom. And I quote, This exists to empower young women on their path to femininity celebrating positive and memorable first times.

This fragrance came out in the year 2018. The Yes I Am collection is created by Honorine Blanc e Christophe Raynaud which is made up of 3 fragrances. This collection celebrates empowered independent young women to express their identity and uniqueness: diverse, outspoken and determined to get what they want and deserve, while happily obsessing over celebs or even sharing the latest trends in make-up.

Yes I am
the bottle resembles a tube of lipstick, it’s just really cute to display on top of your vanity.

Each perfume has a corresponding color to claim a facet of a personality:

  • the power girl with Yes I Am (Red)
  • the cool girl with Yes I Am Pink First
  • the unexpected one with the new Yes I Am Fabulous (Purple)

Supported by an engaged and digital-native squad of influencers and consumers, all sharing strong messages of self-affirmation, Cacharel Parfums is a millennials loved brand.

Yes I Am
Yes I Am (red)

Olfactory group: amber floral group

The top notes iclude raspberry, tangerine, lemon and bergamotto

middle notes are gardenia, ginger flower, amber, jasmine, rose, orange blossom.

Base notes are milk, caramel, vanilla, cardamom, licorice, coumarin, benzoin, amberwood, sandalwood

I have to be honest, at first I really like this perfume and then I started to notice the sweetness of it and I feel like it is not as pleasing as I expected. It is too sweet for my own liking. I love perfumes with floral scents. I avoid fruity and sweet scents especially wood scents, I am just not a fan. I am more into fresh and nice. Cacharel is not the best fragrance I have ever tried. It is not even expensive I guess, for the price that I paid for this bottle it’s not really a big deal. I don’t think I will ever purchase this again. At this point, I was just tired using it and haven’t been enjoying it just recently.

The Cacharel Yes I am perfume is something I would recommend for girls more than women. It is true what they declared in their website, it is more of younger women’s generation’s fragrance (millenials) and in my opinion, women of my age is searching for something more elegant and refined when it comes to scents.

I am just happy I am able to finish it up.

What do you think, have you ever tried this perfume? if you did, did it meet your expectations? Are you a fan of the scent?



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