Lipikar oil detergent

This the most current detergent I am using from La Roche Posay. I did write a series about the products in each line. And because of what I am experiencing right now, which is having dry skin, I opted to try another detergent from the line called Lipikar.

This mainly targets extremely dry skin and atopic skin types as well.

Lipikar  AP+ Oil detergent 200ml
anti redness
anti itch
dry skin
atopi skin type
Lipikar AP+ Oil detergent 200ml

This is an oil detergent that I absolutely appreciate given that a dry skin needs more hydration. This also claims to be an anti redness and an anti itch detergent.

Lipikar oil Detergent AP+ washes the sensitive dry skin delicately, it hydrates and helps reset the skin’s comfort, reducing the redness and protecting the skin. I love that the whole family can use this product. From infants up until mature adults

The best way to use this is to apply it on the wet skin while massaging delicately and then rinse. Wipe the skin just by patting it away delicately.
It is also nice to add in your tub at least five drops to mix in to the water.

This is soft and foamy at the same time. I like the feel of this on my skin, it is just so light and not very overwhelming. It got no heavy scent at all. Zero fragrance and I like that!

Lipikar oil is developed for sensitive dry skin and atopic skin types. It is delicate enough to use in all parts of the body. I actually use it on my face too! And I didn’t have any bad reactions or anything like that, I have already mentioned that I have sensitive skin and so I am really careful about the stuff that I use on my face and this is really very delicate. It is also allowed to be used in the most sensitive areas of the body and to wash intimate parts as well. Wow, right!I am surprise that it can also be used on the infants’ scalp and it doesn’t burn the eyes. That is how delicate it is.
It says that it can reduce dry skin for up to 24 hours!

The formula contains an optimal skin tollerability and physiological ph. It is filled with Aqua Posae Filiformis to help maintain skin balance. It contains karitè butter and niacinamide to soothe itchy sensation and skin that pulls. These are the main ingredients of all the products in the Lipikar line.

I am halfway through the bottle and I do think I will repurchase this again. I think it is the most gentle detergent I have ever tried. It didn’t give me any problems and I do feel about their claim that after a shower, my skin calms down noticeably.

If you have dry skin I absolutely recommend you try this. I hope you find this helpful. Thank you so much for reading!

See you on my next article! Ciao for now!



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