I have talked about a very surprising find: olive oil. Now in this articile, we are gonna continue to talk about oils…

As my skin mature I have learned to adapt. I have mentioned in my other articles that ever since I was young, I had extremely oily skin. But now I feel that as I grow older, my skin is changing as well.

This is a product that I have tried due to the changes that I am experiencing right now, my skin is going less oilier than usual. I don’t think I have achieved the extremely dry skin spectrum yet (I hope not LOL!) but I know that my skin is not as oily as it was before.

Like we all women do, I have yearly check ups with my gynecologist. And I told her about my skin. If my hormones are affecting my skin, as what I have experienced about Acne growing up in my younger years. And so she recommended me this product.

This is from Budetta Farma, an italian brand that has different lines and products. I don’t feel recommending this because this should be prescribed by a health care professional like in this case, with this specific product, your gynecologist. Disclaimer the purpose of writing this article is for me to share my experience and if you are curious, you can definitely talk about this with your doctor and ask if this would be an appropriate product for you.

Cliaoil is very prestigious and I have never known any product like this before. I think it is unique as it is in the form of oleogel– which means it is gel and oil at the same time. It is formulated for cosmetic purposes. It is in gel form but the unique composition of this product permits it to transform into oil once it gets contact with skin heat.

it is moisturising, antioxidant and gives protection too. Having ingredients like Sweet Almond oil, Silica, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 which are of course good for the skin. It boasts to be gluten free! And it soothes itchiness as well, which is my main concern.

It is available in a tubeof 20ml but my doctor gave me these samples to try which I am grateful for.

I think it helped my skin for the itchiness that I was experiencing which started last autumn. And yes I have tried to use and discovered products and brands that I have been loyal to during the past few months. Cliaoil in particular have an advantage too. I like that it is not too oily on the skin, it is comfortable being gel in formula and then tansforms into oil once it is applied on the skin. And I like that, it is not sticky at all.

I have finished these 2 samples and another one recently. I still got a bunch that I am yet to use. but I am really happy and satisifed and I am still using it until this day. These samples really go a long way. You don’t have to apply a lot to get the desired hydration. I do think this is really unique in formula.

What do yout hink? Have you ever tried something like this for your skin? Any doctor, gynecologist or dermatologist ever prescribed this to you? Let me know in the comments down below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading!



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