Parmigiano Reggiano

This is another cheese that I want to discuss here in my blog.

Parmigiano Reggiano is a product in the province of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna, left part of the river Reno and Mantova at the right part of the river Po.

Each cheese has a plaque of caseina with a code which serves as an ID to identify the origin. That is how meticulous they are when producing this cheese.

Parmigiano Reggian 
gratuggiato fresco

2000 kcal for every Parmigiano Reggiano 25g covers 36% calcium and 24% phosphorus.

Let’s check out the nutritional table of Parmigiano Reggiano per 100g

  • Protein g 32,4
  • Amminoacidi %23,3
  • Energia3 kcal 402
  • Fats g 29,7
  • Acidi grassi saturi g 19,6
  • Acidi grassi monoinsaturi g 9,3
  • Acidi grassi polinsaturi g 0,8
  • Grassi sulla sostanza secca % s.s. 43,3
  • Carbohydrates g 0
  • sugar g 0
  • Lactose mg <1
  • Fiber g 0
  • Salt g 1,6
  • lactic acid g 1,6
  • Calcium mg 1155
  • Fosforo mg 691
  • Salt mg 650
  • Potassium mg 100
  • Magnesium mg 43
  • iron mg 0,2
  • Zinc mg 4
  • Cholesterol mg 83
  • Vitamin A µg 430
  • (Vit. B1) mg 0,03
  • (Vit. B2) mg 0,35
  • Vitamin B6 mg 0,060
  • Vitamin B12 µg 1,7
  • Vitamin C mg 0
  • Niacine (Vit. PP/B3) mg 0,06
  • Vitamin E mg 0,55
  • Vitamin K µg 1,6
  • Acido pantotenico (Vit. B5) mg 0,320
  • Colina mg 40
  • Biotin µg 23

Parmigiano Reggiano is lactose free and has a DOP symbol, too.

Parmigiano Reggian 
gratuggiato fresco

Using the tip of an almond knife, trace a line on the half part and proceed to the side (scalzo). Using another knife like a wedge and cut a little deeper within some cm deep, the force will make it open in half.

It is adviced to conserve the cheese in the fridge to preserve the aroma. If it is prepacked then the temperature should be from 4 to 8 degrees celsius. The pack should be sealed inside glass containers or in plastic film and not exposed to air, far from other food items. The fat part of the cheese tend to absorb the odor inside the fridge.

if you see the surface with a little bit of mold it is possible to remove it.

Just like what I have discussed in my last article, the first who produced cheese in medieval times were monks because they wanted a type of cheese that lasts. Then they started to produce one with dry paste and very huge in size and can be conserved long term.

Then in 1200, “caseus parmensis”, il formaggio di parma- parmesan cheese was very well-known and the merchants then expanded to Romagna, Piemonte, Toscana and even central marittime mediterranenan sea. In 1500, in Emilia the production then increased in planes parmigiana and reggiana, The dimension of the cheese is increased up until 18 kg.

The caseificio has become the point of production helping the economy and social progress.

The production is also prominent in Modena. They called it “parmigiano” in different pasta and sweet recipes. It expanded to Parma and exportation started in europe: Germania, Fiandre, Francia e anche Spagna. In 1612 la denominazione d’origine is now official that this cheese comes from Parma.

Parma, Reggio, Modena e Mantova (right of river Po) has been approved as the origin of this brand in 1934. And then attain the DOP in 1954 from the Consorzio del formaggio parmiggiano reggiano.
In 1996, Parmigiano Reggiano became known in a DOP Europe. It is important to protect Parmigiano Reggiano to avoid counterfeit cheese.

This is good as appetizer, a snack, and can be eaten with fresh fruit like kiwi, apricot and melon, nuts and honey. It is paired with wine and cocktails too.It is good to go with soup- grated and with petals, fish, meat, roastbeef with olive oil. hmm… yummy! And how can we forget salad!

I was able to try the whole size Parmigiano Reggiano thanks to my friend, he made me taste it but I love it more grated it is easier to eat and I can digest it well grated and paired with a bunch of food items. I can actually eat pasta with Parmigiano Reggiano and I like it so much!

pasta al sugo con Parmigiano Reggiano
Pasta al sugo con Parmigiano Reggiano

What do you think? Do you like Parmigiano Reggiano with your recipes? Tell me about it, I want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading!



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