Emmentaler DOP

We have learned about the two most famous Italian cheese and now let us take a look at Switzerland’s finest!

It is denominated as the king of swiss cheese. It is produced in Emme, the river that across the valley of Cantone di Berna as early as the 13th century.

Emmentaler year 1291

The particular sign of this cheese is the holes.
They are formed within the process of each season because kf lactobacilli forminh lactic acid. The round shaped cheese had a dimaeter of 80-100 cm with the weight of 75-120kg

As I have discussed in my recent food articles, we have learned that cheese is a great source for protein, calcium and vitamins.


L’Emmentaler DOP is rich in protein and calcium good for the bones , teeth And muscles.
Vitamin A is a must for the eyesight and vitamin d helps with absorbing calcium
Vitamin B2 has energy
And stimulates growth and vitamin B12 favours blood formation

Just like the other cheese, Emmentaler DOP is lactose free so yehey for people with lactose intollerance.

Salt is present at a very minimal amount without compromising the taste.

They claim that Emmentaler DOP is 100% natural with no artifical additives and zero OGM.

This cheese also supports our immune system
And favours intestinal flora and regulates the metabolism of sugar and fats giving protection from allergies, too.

If you are vegetarian, you will like this because it has protein like 30g of Emmentaler DOP has the same protein that you will find in an egg.
Each portion has at least 10g of protein.
It is also adviced for low carb diet as consumption of 40g of Emmentaler DOP everyday.

Types of Emmentaler DOP seasoned cheese:

  • «Classic» dal gusto dolce che ricorda la noce (stagionato almeno 4 mesi)
  • «Reserve» con forti sentori speziati (stagionato almeno 8 mesi)
  • «Grotta» dal gusto pieno e vigoroso (stagionato almeno 12 mesi in grotta) e maturata sull’esclusivo “gusto originale” Emmentaler AOP Urtyp (almeno 12 mesi maturati).

It is eaten cold by pieces or loaf but it is of course part of hot dish recipes. If you are curious check out their site for interesting food recipes.

What is your favourite cheese as of the moment? Do you like Emmentaler? Leave your comments, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading! Ciao!



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