Caffarel Torino 1826

Ghianduia 1865

I love fondente dark spread cream and I am glad I found this! It is an intense melting cream without palm oil. And a Cocoa spread with the finest chocolate hazelnuts.

Caffarel  Torino 1826
I love fondente 
dark spread cream


  • sugar
  • 17% low fat cocoa powder
  • vegetable oil (sunflower, safflower and rice)
  • hazelnuts
  • vegetable fats (coconut, cocoa and sunflower)
  • skimmed milk powder
  • cocoa butter
  • almonds
  • emulsifier: lecithin (soya)
  • powdered vanilla

May also contain other nuts.
This is Gluten-free. So hooray for people who needs to eat gluten-free food!

Let’s check the Nutrition Information per 100g

  • Energy 588 kcal
  • Fats 37 g
  • Saturated Fats 11 g
  • Carbohydrates 45 g
  • Sugar 40 g
  • Protein 7,6 g
  • Salt 0,09 g

We are producers of chocolates and pleasures
We are the inventors of Ghianduiotto
We are Turin culture of chocolate.
We are Caffarel!

In 1826 Paul Caffarel opens up her shop in Torino, north of Italy. And in fact, because of him, it becomes the capital of chocolate.
He created a lab, one of the first ever chocolate factory in Italy.

But during the time of wars in Europe cacao has been a very rare commodity.

In 1852 Chocolate and Hazelnut of Langhe was combined for the first time.

The soft paste has a shape of a “barchetta”
The name is “givu”, which means “butt”in dialect of piemontese.
And from then on Gianduiotto, the original is born in 1865, an invention of Caffarel and one of the first and most memorable specialty in the world of chocolate: uniting cacao, with 28% toasted hazelnuts of Piemonte.

L’estrusione is the method used to recreate the manual work by cioccolatiere to extend the cacao paste and hazelnuts to obtain the soft and velvet drops of Gianduiotto.

The result is an unimitable cream, absolutely incomparable to the most common gianduiotti produced from stampi.

The first ever Gianduiotto has been presented in 1865

During the Torino carnevale, the picturesque Gianduia, the traditional torinese mask, gives out to the people in the party, the chocolates they haven’t tasted before.
Therefore getting the name Gianduiotti: the first ever small chocolates wrapped singularly.

In 1998 Caffarel entered the group Lindt&Sprüngli combining two excellent chocolate specialties in the world from Torinese and Switzerland.

Caffarel  Torino 1826
I love fondente 
dark spread cream

This is one of the delicious dark cream spread I have tried that I have featured in my other articles. And it is no secret that I am a dark chocolate lover. When I first saw this in Castroni where I have found the other cream spreads I couldn’t believe Caffarel has one. As I am only aware of the famous small chocolates they are selling. And I will certainly repurchase this if I have the chance again!

If you ever find this! Highly recommended! It is truly a high quality dark chocolate spread!


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