Foodspring 3K Protein Powder

finest fitness food

The ideal protein mix. This contains 25 servings.

Foodspring 3k protein powder
Vanilla 750 g

What is inside this protein drink? particularly this vanilla flavor

  • Protein Whey-it is comprises 72,5 % of the protein 3k. (contains sunflower lecithin emulsifier) (77%)
  • Chicken Egg protein- complete amino acid profile (1%)
  • Casein protein- calcium caseinate, constant protein supply for up to 7 hours useful for the muscles. (contains sunflower lecithin emulsifier) (20%),
  • Milk from pasture-raised cows- 100% vegetal and natural food. this is milk of herds left to graze outdoors, which feed mainly on fresh grasses. This is to achieve maximum biological value, to help promote sustainable agriculture and to create extremely healthy and residue-free proteins. indeed: the happier the cattle, the healthier their milk.
  • sweetener-steviol glycosides, sucralose- a purified extract of the stevia plant and it’s the perfect sweetener. The use of steviol glycosides allows to eliminate the superfluous content of carbohydrates and calories as well. It is actually a Calorie-free sweetener. It provides a pleasant sweetness without bitter aftertaste. So the taste of 3k Protein is available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and raspberry flavors.
  • aroma (contains lactose)
  • thickener (xanthan)

It may contain traces of shellfish, gluten and soy. So just be mindful about these.

Foodspring 3k protein powder

For whatever type of training, this is ideal for endurance athletes and weightlifters. Protein is always available, this way, the muscles are prepared for the next training. This can be a drink for all types of sports, muscle development, resistance training, diet, simple fitness.

Foodspring 3k protein powder
nutritional value

nutritional value per 100g

  • Protein 80g
  • carbohydrates 6,6g
  • BCAA 17g
  • Energy 390 kcal
  • Fats 5,1g
  • saturated fats 3,6g
  • sugar 6,6g
  • Salt 0,55 g
  • Aminoacids 1g

doses and preparation according to the instructions:
mix 30g (3 tablespoons) of protein 3k with 300 ml of water and milk
if you have a shaker this helps a lot. And I think if you order on their website it is included but I ordered mine via amazon so I didn’t get one.
shake well for 20-30 seconds

for optimum results, it is adviced to drink 1-2 portions a day after work out or in the evening.

How it all began:

Egg was the original name according to their website and it is founded in 2013 from Berlin Germany, and their objective is to bring sports nutrition to the next level. Their organic certified protein powders have revolutionized the industry by using milk from herds left to graze outdoors, they have shaken up old established habits, stimulating fitness enthusiasts to rethink their habits in turn.

Egg has become Foodspring. With absolute quality and continuous development.


I am currently enjoying this drink and I always look forward to it after each work out.

To be honest, since I still have the other protein drink, I try to drink it alternately but I do enjoy vanilla flavor more. I am not into berries as a flavor in general so I do prefer this than the other one. It didn’t give me any problems at all. I mean in terms of the tummy, I feel refreshed when I drink it. I can compare this with another protein drink that a friend of mine let me taste a long while ago. That was the first time for me and it gave me a heavy feeling in my tummy and my stomach was upset. And so that is why it is important to choose wisely I guess, because I think not all protein drinks are fit for us. So I make sure to be as mindful as I can.

And I still have a lot to learn when it comes to healthy lifestyle and fitness so I declare a disclaimer: I am not a professional, I am just a common girl doing yoga and barre. I am just sharing these observations based on my experience and I am writing based on research especially from the website of the brands and the products- like what are their claims, their history, what are the ingredients etc. which are very helpful for us to choose the right products for our bodies and which fits our training. I know that this is not magic, it is also important to follow a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

With that, I close this article I hope you like it and helped you a little bit. I’ll see you on the next one! Thanks for reading! Ciao!



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