Chanel Poudre Universelle

I have been using this one powder ever since I have finished up the other powders in my make up collection.

Natural finish loose powder

Presenting the loose powder from Chanel!

I love it and I don’t think I will buy another one unless I finish this one.
It does give a uniform look on the face and mattifies the skin without emphasizing skin issues. It is described to be ultra-fine, velvet and very light.

Natural finish loose powder
30 Transluscent 2

It is appropriate for all skin types, too.

The composition of this make up item, is that it consists of pigments reflecting the light and regulates the color for a luminous effect but it has silice as well for a mattifying effect. And I love that it doesn’t make my skin appear dull, it is still luminous enough but not exaggerated when it comes to the mattifying effect.

It is not a secret as I have discussed here in my blog and I mentioned this many times, I have problematic skin. And I have always been picky about what I use on my face. But this powder is I think one of the best I have ever tried. No issues at all when I started using it on my sensitive skin.

Included in the packaging is the powder puff with its name Chanel.

It is adviced to be applied by keeping the lid closed and then reverse the jar finally using the puff just pressed it against the powder crieve. Lightly tap the puff on the back of the hand and eliminate the excess. And then apply on the face with light pressure. Although I appreciate the puff included I still find myself reaching for the powder brush, and I hadn’t had any problems with that.

This is a 30g jar so I think I will have to use this for years.. LOL

But I don’t mind, I mean, I am not bothered. I don’t have to be in a hurry or pressured to finish this off as it is the only powder I reach for. I have another one that I use for my under eye area and again I am not in a hurry because both are pretty new make up I have just purchased recently.

Another special mention is that I have the compact version, too!

I know that this is not for everybody when it comes to the price tag but I promise you it is worth every cent. So I can really say I do recommend this powder. It is so basic and classic at the same time. Even the packaging is classy, too. And I think this is what Chanel is all about.

If you ever tried this powder, please share your thoughts! I would love to hear your comments!

Thank you for reading!



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