YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm

YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm

This has been in my make up pouch inside my bag for years now. And I admit I don’t use it that much because it is there only for me to use when I am out.

YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm
YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm 6

This make up item is from Yves Saint Laurent

And I know that this is not, again, an affordable product. But I want to reassure you that I got a discount when I purchased this! lol! And when I do purchase high-end items, I make sure it is gonna be worth every cent.

According to the YSL beauty website, this is described to be:
two formula
double the benefits

And I sure do agree with that. This tint-in-balm is a hybrid between two formulas: nourishing lip care of a balm while giving an instant radiant colour glow of the tint.

It is so comfortable and very practical to use. It is so easy to apply and it’s quick as a flash!

The packaging is so classy and unique with the YSL mark on the sides.

I really love that it gives more color to my lips not just being a transparent balm. it is just light and so natural and the color is very sheer. It is almost has a glossy effect. It Is almost like a lip gloss too.

If you have dehydrated lips, this is a good lip balm. There are also a lot of tint colors to choose from. I chose this reddish pink color number 6 because it is really similar to the natural color of my lips

Have you ever tried this lip product? Let me hear your thoughts! Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next article.



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