My Vegan Crisps

My Vegan Crisps
Barbecue flavor

this has 11g of protein in 100 calories

the protein chips is the perfect option for not ruining your workout routine. Each box has 6 25g pack, this gives a push when you most need a snack as you maintain muscle growth.

this can be consumed how and when it is desired as a snack
and in fact this should be paired with an active healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. this snack is both for vegan and vegetarian.

I bought the barbecue flavor! this barbecue flavor is a soy-based high-protein puffed crisps with barbecue seasoning.

what is inside this protein barbecue-flavored chips? let’s all check it out!

  • soy chips (soy protein (64%), tapioca starch, soy fiber, salt)
  • sunflower oil
  • barbecue seasoning (sugar, dextrose, flavorings (including smoky flavor)
  • salt
  • tomato powder
  • spices (paprika , allspice, cinnamon)
  • yeast extract
  • onion powder
  • alcohol vinegar powder
  • molasses powder
  • garlic powder
  • acid (citric acid)
  • spice extracts (paprika, allspice))
  • antioxidant (extract of rosemary)

this might contain gluten though so if you have gluten allergy be mindful

a single portion: 1 pack of 25g

My Vegan Crisps
Barbecue flavor

Nutritional Information per 25g

  • energy 100kcal
  • fats 3,1g saturated fats 0,4g
  • Carbohydrates 4,3g. in which sugar is 1,3g
  • Fibre 4,6g
  • Protein 11g
  • Salt 0,50g

My Vegan belongs to a range of vegan products under MyProtein. And I have discussed the brand in one of my articles.

This snack is for both vegan and vegetarian!

If you are craving for chips as snack! I highly do recommend this as it is yummy and healthy at the same time!

Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored. This is just me sharing my thoughts!



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