Benefit the Porefessional

This is the only primer that I have purchased again and again. To tell you honestly I am not a face primer person. Therefore I have tried only a few. And that is mainly for make up school and for building my kit to use for other people’s faces. I am also the type of person who repurchase products if I am happy and content about them. And that is what happened. Yes I have tried others but this I think is what I really do need.

It never caused me any problems on my skin,(you already know! I have sensitive skin!) and in my opinion it does its job well.

Benefit’s website is simple and clear. They actually don’t have a lot of makeup products and mostly the ones that are featured are their best-sellers. The Porefessional is very well-known.

Pore-fect skin as they advertise.
And this is the perfect primer for those of us who have large pores. The description says it is mattifying. It also minimizes the amount of dilated pores and small signs of expression lines and guarantees the long wear of foundations, for a long-day impeccable make up.

The POREfessional, is the secret agent with a special mission against oily skin and large pores.

These are mainly my skin problems that is why I like this product so much,

According to the product description, the formula is lightweight and transparent. It is appropriate for all skin types and contains derivatives of vitamin E, it is efficient in contrasting the effects of free radicals.

It can be applied all over the face, or to the areas of the face like your t-zone which tend to get easily oily like nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

A porefect skin is a mission which is not impossible anymore with The Porefessional as it makes the skin smooth and mattified.

In the morning: apply the primer before applying your make up. extending the product from the center of the face going outwards, tapping it lightly using your fingers.

I personally like to apply it at the center, on my nose, around my nose extending outwards to my cheeks. a tiny bit on my forehead and also on my chin. These are all my problematic areas where I have visible large pores. And I think it smooths out my skin, and literally minimizes the pores! I do see the difference and the improvement on the texture of my skin.

Another interesting fun fact, according to the website in the product description. it is easy to carry it with you inside your bag and once the pores becomes visible again, it can be literally applied by tapping delicately on top of the make up! Like a retouch.
I am kinda surprised, I am not aware of that LOL all these years I have always used this product before applying make up!

This is true, guys. Before I read this on their website, just recently, these past couple of months,
before I practically read this on their website, I have been using it as such! I don’t apply it under make up anymore but instead after the foundation! I find it still very efficient like that in smoothing out my make up.

It is true how we evolve in how we do our make up routine despite using the same make up products.

i have always bought the small tube 7,5 ml. this is the mini, travel size tube because I don’t need that much, like what I said, I only apply it in certain areas, but not all over the face. And the full tube is really not that affordable for a product that I don’t even use that much. so I have always opted for the smallest tube.

How about you? What is your preferred face primer? Have you ever tried this from Benefit? Tell me all about it, I would love to hear your opinion down in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next article!



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